Thursday, September 7, 2017

colour play tetkaART style

Titilate the senses, stir the imagination and open doorways to the seat of your reality.
Power your life with LOVE and eXperience the quickening you desire to release you from the past way of BEing.

ARTIST: Tetka Rhu
tetkaART = a Way of Life

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Sunday, September 3, 2017

just beCAUSE tetkaART style

The Law of Cause and Effect brings energy charges forward to move beyond limited beliefs as velocity of convictions have been embedded through color intelligence to change old ways of being.

ARTIST: Tetka Rhu
tetkaART = a Way of Life

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

EDGIC Art Division Promo 2017

EDGIC Fine Art, Luxury & Media Corporation has its own contemporary Artists whom represent a wonderful spectrum of styles of painting but also sculpture...

There are the pure emotions offered in Ivan Alexiev´s expressive works, as well as the Abstract although poetic works by Yari Ostovany, to mention just a few. You will notice artworks which have strikingly diametric energies. There are the positive hopeful energies that are present in Tetka Rhu´s Naïf creations, and there are the haunting energies and disturbing calm melancholy portraits of Anas Salameh´s works.

The EDGIC global portfolio of art consists of several other Exclusive Artists, each whom will always offer you a fresh, new, and original vision and perspective of the world.


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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Sacred Geometry tetkaART

Sacred Geometry is the vibrational force directing the Matriarchal flow of Universal Energy for the betterment of all.
Tetka breathes LIGHT into your life as she delivers Sacred Geometry for your deliberation.

Experience earth life through the power of inter-dimensional truth.

EDGIC Artist: Tetka Rhu

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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

EDGIC Artist- Anil Kumar

To appreciate EDGIC Indian Artist Anil Kumar artistic expression is much
like taking a journey through a parable of life. To contain his story
is much like trying to tame a wild beast that is driven by natural
instincts yet powered with the vision of his higher self. His artwork
showcases that his style and reference points vary from the city lights
to festivals to the wonder of the female form to the energy release of
tantra to Spiritual Leaders who have charged his every moment with the
release of his inner passions. To take you back to the beginning of the
evolvement of his explosive talent, Anil says it best:

Since my childhood I am getting more and more absorbed with my surroundings around me in my X standard I guess I’m 16 by then…
painted a picture to project what war actually is to a child when my
father inspired me and helped me to develop this art contained two
halves with a child playing with crackers in a vivid festive atmosphere
lots of lights and colors crackers busting and child is so happy,
half the bombs tankers busting home and debris a big line, a very big
line of refugees with sorrow and dust on faces waiting for food in
rehabilitation center.
There was a magazine my father brought that day which contained all pictures of World War II all black and white prints in it.
so absorbed by it as there were pictures of small children standing in
line for food in rehabilitation centers amputated soldiers villages and
towns demolished and pictures of nuclear holocaust…I think that magazine
greatly influenced my first painting.

To wonder at EDGIC Artist
Anil Kumar expression is to value that his intuition opens to the themes
presented in his awareness, which he feels are ready to translate
through his life force. His thoughts become an emergence of a colour
play portraying the essence of the subject at hand, as he knows humanity
depends upon images as their interface for the great pool of hidden
opportunities that release soul urges to give a taste of opening the
senses through art.
To acquire Anil Kumar original art is to open
your senses to a feast of unbelievable surges of energy that speak to
you from the sanctum of your spirit.

EDGIC Artist: Anil Kumar