Friday, June 26, 2009


Reporting on Wealth Flight Seminar -
Gold Coast 23rd - 25th June 2009

The spirit of Creation flowed into being
as the Starlight shone brightly in the night skies.
The Supporters of this creation waited patiently in the wings
For the Deal Makers to connect them with people

Who could be Traders of their wares?

The Accumulators appeared from out of the Blue

And said Stop!!!

The Lords have strategies set in place
For the Mechanics to organise and generate the plan into being.

The Circle complete, the flow is set into motion

For the results of Creation to happen.

Circles of Trust were being formed as swirling energies of anticipation filled the foyer of the Gold Coast Convention Centre on the 23rd June, to 25th June, 2009.

Suddenly our attention was diverted as music filled the air.
Doors were flung open by the fantastic XL Nation, Australian and New Zealand Crew.

Smiling faces were the picture that filled the blank canvass of our Wealth Flight Experience.

Roger Hamilton, the Master Creator of Wealth Dynamics Profile set the scene as we prepared ourselves for the beginning of massive change.

Day 1: Pre Flight Briefing and Flight Simulator

So what did I learn?

I gained insights into ancient Chinese secrets of the flow of life.

I recognised that the order of questions and in fact the art of asking better questions will bring the answers we seek.

I recognised that opportunity is positioning yourself in effective giving.

I recognised that Flow of energy stems from inspiring words.

The WOW factor began to unfold – Words of Wealth created the force of power which penetrated into every fibre of my being.

WOW, what was happening? Keys of Wealth creation evolved as we recognised the flight path of our own creation.

Understanding of our individual Wealth Dynamics Profile shifted us from our old paradigms of thought and way of being.

Day 2 saw a chapter of extending all my personal boundaries.
Just goes to show, you are never too old to learn.

New portals opened as I explored the value of opportunities to leverage my personal skills.

So, it’s not all about me!!!!
Letting go the conditioned thought “if you want something done properly, you do it yourself”,

I embraced my Circle of Trust knowing full well that there are many people far better equipped to negotiate, trade and strategise my Star energies which shine on others and share their brilliance with the world.

I sighed a breath of relief; at long last I was freed from an age old paradigm which had kept me bound and gagged for way too long.

Gosh 59years in fact!!!

Life is now beginning a Cycle and Circle of Trust.
How absolutely liberating; it feels like a huge burden of responsibility has been lifted from my shoulders.

Knowledge is Power. Understanding is Power. Power is Truth
The gift of Giving is in the Power of Receiving.

Question time came to my attention as my mind was seeking answers.

Think outside the square!!!

Learn to magnify so that multiplication is a natural resource of communication.

WOW, my soul was ignited with a fire that my body could barely handle.
Energies tumbled through me as I literally understood my 6 core internal values and accepted my 4 external values.

WOW, I felt like a babe in the woods, until I grasped the concept of Variety, Connections, and Certainty in any situation brings the long sought after quest – Freedom.

Words of Wealth – Belief, Courage and Action stimulated my senses with an alertness that life was taking me on a journey far greater than what I could ever imagine.


The simple answer is; I had signalled my intention of creating an environment of Power to shine my starlight on the brilliance of all people who came into my Circle of Trust.

Effective changes happened.
Day 3: Many businesses were born on this day.

Comparing this process to an Auction program, property is sold under the hammer, yet invariably results occur after Auction day.

Many other businesses will also happen after the seminar as a direct result of people communicating, negotiating and trading so that Joint Ventures reflect the results of an absolutely knowledge packed Wealth Flight Experience.

Oh, how magnificent to be a Pilot and not a Passenger in my life.

When you see those magnificent men in their flying machines making a difference for *2020 Vision of World Wide Wealth stimulating the economy of nations, the first question people will be asking is:

Who do I contact to become either a founding member or citizen of XL Nation?

2009 is seeing many Social Entrepreneurs in XL Nation walking their walk and talking their talk as they Show Up, Step Up and Give Back

Reference: *By 2020, we will have an international network of centres providing hard skill and soft skill training on all topics, from finding the right team to building the best systems to effectively setting up in new countries. We will have an unrivalled international business mentoring network allowing new entrepreneurs to tap in to a collective knowledge base on business and personal growth. We will have a network of International Schools to instil a culture of empowerment and entrepreneurship in our next generation.*

What an awesome gift Roger Hamilton effectively gave to the National and International participants of Wealth Flight Experience.

His humility yet passionate sharing of knowledge is a breath of fresh air as we all recognised that the flight path of our choice is now here.

See you at the next Wealth Flight Experience.

Tetka Rhu - Reporter Brisbane Circle, Qld, Australia



15TH JUNE, 2009

The Value of any Group is its people
The Value of any Circle of People is the foundation of Intent

The creation of Intent is founded on people
The focus of the Circle then becomes whole

The light of the Circle is then magnified

As the Circle’s brilliance shines for all involved
Brisbane’s Circle is now lit with the fire of intent

The Alliance Hotel, 320 Boundary Street, Spring Hill came alive on Monday 15th June, 2009 when the constant stream of 60 plus people flocked to Brisbane’s Circle first meeting.

Excitement buzzed in the room in preparation for the incredible evening of alliances which were formed ranging from Our Circle Leader, Charles Buffet’s motivation, inspiration and commitment to World Wide Wealth to individual people connecting their skills and talents to link XL Nation’s 2020 Vision to their passion and purpose.

I am continually fascinated when synergy happens as I looked at the venue’s name and the results of the evening. How I love it when a plan comes together.

The forming principles of all Creation stems from the groundwork and preparation required in order to build solid structures. Our Brisbane Circle Leaders are absolutely incredible as they literally moved mountains in building a fantastic vehicle, which all Founding Members and Citizens will feel the Power of All in action in bringing their flow and dreams into the fullness of manifestation.

The roles of: Circle Leader - Charles Buffet; Circle Guardian – Margaret Wilmink; Circle Scout – Kate Osborne; Circle Guide – Heather Boon; Circle Treasurer – Graham Donnelly; Circle Ambassador – Kristina Mills; Circle Reporter – Tetka Rhu occurred as a result of Charles Buffet putting out the call for people to step up and own their purpose.

The magic of events which began to happen as the roles were accepted and filled is now history as the Leadership is committed to the maintenance and success of Brisbane Circle.

The events of our circle evening through participation of each Circle Leader sharing their story inspired many with a heartfelt response. Applause was the music of the night.

Laughter rang through the room on several occasions through spontaneous reactions to anecdotes recounted by the Circle Leaders. Emotion filled everyone as they felt the vision of personal empowerment through some-one’s story.

To say the evening was a success is a total understatement. The energy is still buzzing. Congratulations to every single person who was witness to our auspicious beginning for being there.

Plans are now being set in place by the Circle’s Leaders which will continually grow our community within XL Nation into living Xtraordinary Lives thereby beginning the journey of fulfilling the 2020 Vision of XL Nation.

The call has sounded and we have heard

Until next time, this is Tetka Rhu – Brisbane Circle Reporter