Sunday, July 5, 2009


As I stepped into the boardroom the stage was set
Introductions to Measures and Accountability
Led the way.
Inspired and liberated with thoughts of action
Education was set in motion for the next act of the play.
The Star of our show shone with the brilliance of his records.
Applause, Encore

The Pavilion, Alan Border Stadium, 1 Bogan Street, Breakfast Creek saw a plan of action created on Thursday 2nd July, 2009 for people to step up into their understanding and growing of their personal businesses.

Throughout my life if the words - Measures and Accountability came into play, vivid imagination would spring forth that says – boring. How pleased and thrilled I was to change my mind.

Brisbane Circle XL Nation is an awesome Circle of Circles which is encouraging people to take control of their lives with accountability to their goals.

The natural linking with like-minded people is a natural recourse of this direct action.
The art of questioning came into play, which gave everyone the opportunity to silently appraise their situations.

“Are the actions we take every single day taking us to a successful destination?”

Are we delivering:
Time/Cashflow/Delivery and Distribution/Niche/Mastery = Leverage

Suddenly pictures of ancient times sprang before my eyes. Scribes were preparing the creation into being; pillars and foundations were built from solid rock by people linking together in a common cause. I saw block by block, temples and pyramids created as each person leveraged their abilities in order to support the other.

The flow stemmed from Loyalty, Co-operation, Enthusiasm, Industriousness and Friendship.

Foundation is crucial to the building of Our Pyramid of Success.

The time for a 5minute Cup of Coffee arrived, excitement buzzed as people shared their ideas and concepts.

Stars aligning we were called to order to be greeted with one of the brightest stars shining his light in Brisbane as a direct result of following his Wealth Dynamics profile.

This man is awesome. The light shining from his eyes immediately tells you a story.

I love it when someone follows his/her instincts and Rob is probably the only person in XL Nation who became a life member “sight unseen”.

WOW....UNBELIEVABLE..... Destiny called and Rob responded. What can I say...AWESOME

Rob Nixon, reminded us that often when we have our back to the wall, we make better decisions.
Having the courage and commitment to follow a dream is no mean feat.
Adversity is overcome when we are in the flow of our Truth.

Power flowed through the room as we appreciated following our Star whether we are a Creator, Star, Supporter, Dealmaker, Trader, Accumulator, Lord or Mechanic.

It is crucial in the underlying enigma of finding and being oneself.
Do you know the best thing of all; Rob is having so much fun giving back to StepUP Foundation.

His life is fulfilled in Showing up, Stepping Up and Giving Back.

We talk about mentors in life and we perceive they have to be face to face, however I can distinctly tell you that simply by Rob being himself, he is one of the best mentors I have found.

The Great River is now borne for many on 2nd July, 2009.

In life, if we do not consistently grow and expand our consciousness we become flat and lifeless.

Circles of Creation are continually moving and on an evening of Boardroom activities, Brisbane Circle collectively voted on decisions which further empowers our status as Circle of Circles, Leader of Leaders, Ordinary People living eXtraordinary LivesStep by step we are moving closer and closer to World Wide Wealth –WWW- 2020Vision XL Nation.

Many thanks to Brisbane Circle Leaders for their energy, commitment and drive:

Circle Leader - Charles Buffet; Circle Guardian – Margaret Wilmink; Circle Scout – Kate Osborne; Circle Guide – Heather Boon; Circle Treasurer – Graham Donnelly; Circle Ambassador – Annemaree Cotterell; Circle Reporter – Tetka Rhu

Massive action IS happening as we follow our Star.

See you all on the 6th August, 2009 for our Social Entrepreneurship meeting.

This is Tetka Rhu – Brisbane Circle Reporter