Sunday, August 23, 2009

CREATION of INTENTION - XL Nation eXtraordinary Women of the World Circle

The purpose of the Circle
unfolded through the global call of Creation.
The mysteries unfolded
as each woman revealed the source of their creativity.
The justice of life has heard the call
As eXtradorinary woman circle gathered to embrace its curriculum.

Friday morning, 21st August 2009, 8.30am London time saw the gathering of 17 women globally connect for the first meeting of XL Nation eXtraordinary Women of the World Circle.

From the Circle’s inception on XL World, Bea Benkova our “Star” Circle Leader was thrilled and amazed at the number of eXtraordinary Women who stepped forward to be a part of her Vision of flow to empower women to play their role in the transformation of humanity.
Her magnetism and energy are evident as we listened to Bea’s words of wisdom through the Virtual medium of gathering women of like mind in eXtraordinary Women Circle in XL World.

Bea opened the Circle gathering with the Declaration of Interdependence. Words became feelings as we embraced the power behind the words.
The energy of intention was created in valuing the symposium of belief set in the structure of the creation of the Circle.

World Wide Wealth Ambassador for our Circle is “Accumulator” Jo Galati.
Her strengths embody the brilliance and integrity required in order to charmingly fulfill the leadership role of eXtraordinary Women of the World Circle.
Jo spoke eloquently as she gave a brief on effective giving to celebrating the Cause of the Circles ultimate choice.
The World Hunger Project is on the agenda as a nominated Cause to work towards supporting Women globally.

Flowing with the rhythm of the agenda, Melanie Grace our “Supporter” Circle Guardian stepped up to share her story.
Her daily role as a therapist sees her handing down wisdom where women can enter into a place where there are no borders, boundaries or barriers.
The clarity of her purpose is to see powerful women being mentors living from the centre of Universal wisdom and love.

Carmel Cotis our “Supporter” Circle Scout set her intention within the framework of the Circle as she explored the value of finding solutions in connecting people.
Her presence identified with many of us the opportunities we all have available in making a difference to inspire others to receive.
Her fun and sense of humor belies the greatness of her heart as she vibrates in harmony with people who are true to themselves.

The Circle Treasurer role is in the great hands of Kay Westmoreland and Caterina from London, UK.
“Lord” Kay’s passion to unlock business potential in working profitably and effectively in order to sustain financial clarity came to the forefront of her talents and expertise.
Caterina’s focus of financial integrity for eXtraordinary Women Circle gives her Mechanic Wealth Dynamics profile an impetus to take her role in making a difference through equal opportunities and education.
Her impact philosophy of effectively giving to empower people resonated on many levels with the group.

Anna Sujet our “Star” Circle guide is inspired and empowered by our leader Bea to be a woman of power, elegance and integrity.
In stepping UP to be guide of the circle she is moving into the time frame of accelerating her passion about living life in service to her greater purpose.

Frankie-Lee, Velody, Maureen and Cheryl inspired us with their WHY - intention of purpose.

Franki-Lee who woke up for the call at 2am in America was generous in disclosing her passion for strong attention to co-creating Global awakening.

Velody’s charisma adds to the circle’s intention as she stepped up as deputy reporter.
Her creative talents as a singer/songwriter will contribute greatly as she value adds her experience within the group.

Maureen’s pioneering spirit will enhance the global community of XL Nation and eXtraordinary Women of the World Circle as she supports people to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

Cheryl’s focus to provide better parenting skills is securing her place in the world of Social Entrepreneurship.
Her attention to Micro financing and getting women into business is primary in her schedule for World Wide Wealth 20/20 Vision.

As “Star” reporter for the Circle I appreciate the synergies of linking with Women of the World who individually shine in the roles they have chosen to step into.
I value the integrity of the spirit which is empowering the Universal movement of flow for the evolving expertise and brilliance which each person represents one to the other.
The alignment of higher truth is expanding the feminine conscious on the Earth.

The strength and courage of the stories shared emanated through the lines of communication.
To be in the presence of Women of Power, Women of Excellence, Women of Determination, Women of Persistence, Women of Skills sets the scene for the unlocking of the purpose of this circle to connect Extraordinary Women around the World.
This will empower them to live their lives being powerful, feminine, vital and wealthy for their flow to fulfill their purpose of their Legacy.

This is Tetka Rhu – XL Nation eXtraordinary Women of the World Circle

The Power of ALL - WWW - World Wide Wealth XL NATION 20/20 Vision


Synergy with co-operation sees the evolving circle
join with the many facets of our tenacity.
Brilliance of our wisdom owns the reflection of all that we are.
Perseverance in our journey builds our Tree of Life,
Passion for our intention creates the music of our soul.
Authentic communication is the forerunner
Of events still yet to be imagined.

Alliance Hotel, Wine Bar, 320 Boundary Street, Spring Hill on the 6th August, 2009 saw time lines of creation merge with time zones of creative possibilities.
The moon’s eclipse breathed an energy force into being for a new beginning for all who participated within the evening’s agenda for XL Nation Brisbane Circle.

Leveraged Networking was the canvass of possibility which opened the gateway of communication for many people to be introduced to each other through Speed networking.

Introduced by Kate Osborne –Circle Scout and Heather Boon – Circle Guide we were reminded that clarity on what it is you are offering will seal the link within the framework of this context.

Wealth Dynamics profiling system infused the situation with polarities of thought, thereby allowing the seed of germination to build a Tree of Life in order to Step UP into alignment with individuals Higher Purpose to give back.
Opportunity came knocking as people took centre stage to present their Vision to connect, inspire and welcome the building of authentic communication through Business and Personal Relationships.

The hospitality of Alliance Hotel prepared delicious food which created the ambience to further embrace each person into circles of connections.
The wealth garden was beginning to grow as the planting of new ideas were formulated for those who aligned with each other’s passion of purpose.

Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox our Creator/Star guest speaker’s skill and imagination to break boundaries of conventional thought through her Art enlivened the evening with Perception + Reality = Art.

Reminding people of “when you were a child you could fly” stimulated imaginations to create endless possibilities within our world.

We were enthralled to discover the art world reveres unconventional, yet is rife with conformity.
Taking this into our life’s purpose the structure of any foundation is built with the framework of conventionality, yet to be successful it is a priority to step through boundaries in order to breathe the rhythm of our heartbeat into existence.

Kathryn’s travels as an internationally renowned artist have enthused her to recognise that Art is an incredible conduit to engage meaningful conversation which is agenda-less, however not directionless.
The vibration of the energy of art work in any boardroom, office and home creates the energy of intention for harmonious relationships to be built.
The Soul of the environment comes alive.
The age old key symbol featured through her work is The Tree of Life which is the eternal fire of connection to our Divine heritage.

Linking this into the world of Social Entrepreneurship brings a multiple perspective of realities which creates the canvass of our dreams, while simultaneously connecting our stories into ONE Nation.

Annemaree Cotterill – Circle Ambassador expanded on the philosophy of the evening as she offered perspectives of contribution to charitable causes.
Her explanation of our value through Time, Expertise, Products, Services and Money leveraged the concept of accepting our worth in what we can offer in making a difference for XL Nation’s 20/20 Vision for World Wide Wealth.

Her analogy that technology is the medium which is shifting western world thought from the old paradigm to a new way of service to humanity resonated within each person’s framework of memory.
The heart and Soul of any business is contribution.

A big thanks to: Circle Leader - Charles Buffet; Circle Guardian – Margaret Wilmink; Circle Scout – Kate Osborne; Circle Guide – Heather Boon; Circle Treasurer – Graham Donnelly; Circle Ambassador – Annemaree Cotterill; Circle Reporter – Tetka Rhu for generating the Power of ALL in action through XL Nation Brisbane Circle.

Until next time, this is Tetka Rhu – Brisbane Circle Reporter