Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Universal Wisdom opens YOUR Universal Bank

The Universal bonds of Alliance

have formed in the creation of Companions for your destiny to be lived.

The Universal whispers take you into the order of creation

For you to know yourself with others

The Universal Bank of Intelligence brings the links of all thoughts into a movement and flow

for Universal Harmony to be experienced.

Reflecting on the nuances of time I absorb the intelligence of my forebears.

They come to edify their interpretation of Divine Will in action on the earth.

“No more alone”, they whisper, “as you have traipsed the annals of time exploring all your limitations and boundaries in order to be set free for the benefit of ALL”.

“It is to this time we come”, they say, “As we open you to new territory not known to many before. The sages of old have also joined the throng as they view the visionary hierarchy set to play in this time we now know”.

The energies for the links of co-operation are here to set mankind free of the bonds of slavery that were set in place way before Roman times even existed.

Universal wisdom is a great gift to carry and yet with it comes many plagiarisms of what is known in the ethers.

We know the beauty of grace which surrounds many with the light of their creation. And so to this moment we merge the influences of this chapter into the brilliance of a bright new dawn for all who carry the light of this wisdom.

My first thoughts as I reflect on the Goddess of Companionship who is the carrier of this message comes back to hearing many speak of “weak links” in any partnership or organisation.

Little did they realise that this propulsion of thought actually created a “weak link” between the proposed notion, plan or goal to be attained.

In any moment, being accountable for our thoughts, words and deeds is crucial as the belly of those creations actually sets precedence for reality to occur.

When we accept and recognise that each player in our game is an integral link to the whole and that each person carries a different way of doing things will we see valuable contribution for any one situation to “magically” arrive in the tangible link of receiving back for the evolvement and growth of all concerned?

The question is:

Do we ever take time and really listen to another person’s perspective?


Is that person’s perspective the correct way of doing things?

The wisdom of the Ancients have shown on many occasions, there is no right, there is no wrong, everything comes back to the PURE intention all the people involved.

Therefore the Universal bonds of Alliance set us free to discover within ourselves our spirit, our will, our focus, our determination to move from ego based perceptions derived from conditioned upbringing.

For eg: if you are in a Circle of Trust, be it business or personal environment, are you reacting to any given moment from limiting behavior perspectives?

I can literally say to you, that facing your mirror of truth is not the easiest thing to do as it will put you right into a hornet’s nest for the road to recovering YOUR spirit.

For mankind to link with Companions of Destiny as written in the annals of the scriptures held within the think tank of Ancient Wisdom, it is absolutely critical to identify and experience this chapter for true co-operation to be observed as the ritual of play on the earth.

Curiously enough, I am guided to words I wrote back in 1995 about my journey which I will now speak to those who are ready to hear.

I was asking about Soul Growth to BE in my Universal Bank of Intelligence, and so I wrote:

Nothing is ever stationary although it appears to be.

The swell of movement is forever happening bringing to the surface miracles of the moment, “luck” that is supercharged to change our lives. The magic of the unknown, seemingly coming from nowhere, known by a few as Cosmic Magicians is created through individual thought. Memories are released one by one whereby that well of movement merges with ALL motion, ALL creation to form ONE will.

Seemingly easy and yet why does it take millennia for Group Consciousness to come full circle?

What an interesting question.

What is the answer derived from my perspective?

It is all a matter of perception, a matter of attitude.

My understanding is that through the decades there have been created a Group Soul Consciousness who have ruled and sustained their Power base through Manipulation.

Mmm, I thought, define Manipulation, fancy words what do they mean?

For me as I was laying on the table of renewal on the Planet Saturn (the overseer of mankind’s evolutionary growth) I began to see things in a metaphorical sense as the Golden White threads of Light which connects us to our stream of Cosmic intellect and opens us to the network of ALL was cut off by warring factions.

My senses seethed.

How dare they, what right have they?

My anger was incensed. Right was on my side, or so I thought as after all I was gently reminded, what is right, what is wrong.

So in came the thought, back to perception.

What an odd feeling, lying on the table justifying right and wrong when all I wanted to do was take these creeps on.

Now is not the time, warned a small voice, the voice of my sub-conscious.

There is much learning to be done.

The Earth Plane will bring you the discipline of your ego, as you have a tendency to fight for any cause that comes your way.

Your spirit will guide you not astray as you begin to understand through your Earth sojourn that each Soul who returns to the Earth is being given the gift of Reclaiming their Power.

Yours is the journey to guide, to heal, to teach through the Laws of Wisdom, the Laws of Charity, the Laws of Abundance under the auspices of the Laws of the Cosmos.

Yours is not a journey through the way of Text books.

Yours is the Way of the Inner Light, the Way of the Sacred Spirit. The beings who co-habit the Earth will be your Teacher when you are ready to listen.

The end of your time will result in an achievement not many will dare to undertake, as you must tread in darkness, must face all your fears, must co-join with others on the same wavelength of thought in order to be in the fullness of the motion of Cosmic thought.

Snake will be your talisman as you traverse this roadway to overcome as snake changes negativity to positivity and are the carrier of the earth’s rhythm.

The warning being: in order to overcome it is imperative that you fully comprehend the Way of the Earth, accept it within you and enjoy its luxuries without justifying or explaining your pleasures with guilt.

This is when Balance will be obtained

And thus it was written back in 1995

And NOW, it IS

And so now we come to the Universal Bank of Intelligence which is the master co-operative for manifestation of our thoughts and desires on the earth.

Each person has their own way to come back to balance in order to forge all links of their creation of intelligence held within the Universal Bank.

Curiously enough, when we respect others without judgment who are in our Circles of Trust (note, I said CIRCLES of Trust) the links become stronger and stronger for what I call *Zen consciousness to be the apparition of our truth on the earth.

At this stage we will begin to see Universal Harmony take action as she has observed and tolerated obscure destructive forces alienate many from their rightful heritage.

She is the mastermind of Creation who has subtly been working in the background to change the status quo of imbalance of proprietary notions on the earth.

The simple equation to Universal Harmony and the actions we are able to take to support this great energy are aligning many to step forward and value their worth as they accept their uniqueness for earth to move beyond the polarity of negative and positive transparency into the validity of the Light Being she once was.

Are you ready to step over your self-enforced line of complacency and become a valuable participant in this incredible time in our history?

Your companions of destiny await you,

Do you dare?

Alleviations of all your problems will disappear as you appreciate the wisdom which lies within

Come little one; take our hands as we lead you not astray.

Merge with the blooms that flower in the gardens of many

As all is now revealed.

*Zen Consciousness in my mind literally means being of One Heart, One Mind, One Will within the divine framework of our inner essence for instant manifestation of our supernatural flow to be apparent in our life.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Gathering like minded people to collaborate, co-operate and unify in #SOUP -Spirit of Unity Project @Souproject

The ingredients are gathered for the SOUP to cook,
The recipe is followed for the broth to boil.

Stirring, adding, the taste is unique
as the components of the whole are actioned into being.

Thursday 30th October, 2009 saw the gathering of like minded people whose vision and mission is for the greater good of the whole.

Commitment to any purpose begins with stepping forward and speaking one’s truth. It was very illuminating to see how the energies evolved for action to happen on this call.

Julie Gunn, our group call facilitator reminded us that SOUP is an alliance of individuals, organizations and businesses working together towards unity and therefore will create a healthier, more sustainable way of living.

The concept is twofold:
• Providing a platform for all the projects, initiatives, businesses, organisations, individuals specifically but not exclusively in the field of development
• Coming together through Circles of Trust to unify – in terms of knowledge, goals, funds, personnel and collaboration.

Julie then recommended we invite people to SOUP’s current networking site to an audience committed to making a difference in our world.

Stepping forward the Chefs and members began to share their understanding of the recipes for SOUP.

Julie Gunn, Wanjiku Croy, Tracy, Stallard, Sibylle Bernardakis Ian Loots, John Dougan, Michael Todd, Tetka Rhu, Carmel Cotis all spoke with clarity about both their vision for Unity in Action.

Michael Todd is certainly participating in the game of life as he clarified Social Media involvement for SOUP @Souproject with planning moves and strategic advice in connecting people for the awareness of Spirit of Unity Project.

The alignment of @Ganxie Social Media Marketing with SOUP was the catalyst of support which will take the initial structures and platforms formulated by the Chefs into the awareness of a global audience.

Carmel Cotis referenced her value through accepting this was a call for listening and learning more of the principles of cohesive thought of SOUP, so that she can introduce the philosophy into Adelaide, South Australia’s community.

John Dougan questioned and equally referenced the similarity in what the Chefs have initially formulated in having the spirit of UBUNTU to other groups such as Pachamama Alliance.
He is focused on being a force for positive change in his contributions of where he places his attention.
He was adamant that any projects he is interested in must be practical, constructive and sustainable.

Tracy Stallard who has been an incredible person of diligence and creativity in the manifestation of SOUP has seen dots’ being connected through removing competition as her focus is on delivering results. Her action in creating
Soup Circle delivered a vehicle for Social Entrepreneurs in XL Nation to open their awareness to the principles of UBUNTU through Spirit of Unity Project.
She is totally clear that it is time to “get on with the job” as the time-lines to meet millennium goals through all continents, all communities is tight.

Tracy’s clarity on the potential of SOUP is to bring balance in the talking and the doing of all objectives planned. Building and actioning strategies are her prime motivating influence through Social Media marketing.
Her attitude is one of evolving other peoples’ perceptions that giving is receiving and receiving is giving while valuing the connectedness of humanity.

Ian Loots is known throughout XL Nation as being a positive activist for change in our environment. His actions are well documented in generating vehicles into being for clean water to be a reality in our world.
His influence and knowledge about NGO – Non Government Organisations will benefit SOUP’s momentum forward as his commitment is centered around affecting change in Social Responsibility in how we care for Ourselves, our Community and our Earth.

Ian delivered his thoughts on attracting people, business and charities to collaborate in building strong foundations for SOUP.

And so the call continued, each person contributed their concepts to take SOUP to the next level in the principle of working together “we can do so much more”.

One aspect of the call jumped out at me as it totally reflected what SOUP signifies.

Tracy told the analogy of an African marketplace, where each person, family and member of that community linked together their produce and at the end of the day divided the proceeds between the whole.

This to me personified having the spirit of Ubuntu.

My heart leapt with joy as I recognized unlimited possibilities for humanity the old concept of Co-Ops taken to a new level of participation.

I am intrigued to watch the paradigm shift in mankind’s consciousness for this example of Unity to be a reality.
It just takes two people to begin the ball game rolling.

Actioning the spirit of Ubuntu is magnifying our thoughts and feelings to attract others of like mind for the process to accelerate.

Word of mouth through creative possibilities in my perception will be the form each person will move forward with, for mankind to live in dignity and harmony with the earth.

Wanjiku Croy was overjoyed with the level of consciousness raised throughout the conference call as she shared a recording Gertrude Matshe on the spirit of having Ubuntu.

The relevant point which reached me were:
• Reawaken people to be present, which will revolutionize the philosophy known to mankind from the old paradigm of life and living.

I understand this to mean where people operate from no agenda, where they act and react from their heart center. In this space there is no intended result apart from being centered in their awareness, the NOW moment simply IS as it IS.

The shift which then occurred after Gertrude’s thoughts was positive contribution and clarity around:

• SOUP Code of Conduct
• Getting the little things right in building foundations for growth and acceleration
• Join together globally with one Project which will awaken people to infinite possibilities of to-gether we can do so much more.
• Bring our strengths together and unify them through the principles of the African Market Place.
• Build Facebook SOUP Fan Page for updates, news etc.
• Create Live Conversation through Facebook and Twitter for Google search engines to pick up key words as this will bring people to the conversation.
• Tweet updates and links with collaborative partners to raise even more awareness of SOUP
• Individually invite people to our community through Facebook, Twitter, Ning and XL World.
• Blog talk Radio to inspire peoples’ day while opening to a networking community of same values and principles of living.

Michael Todd added more value in discussing the creation of infra-structures plus value to sponsors through monetizing and leveraging what the group will bring to the table.

And in Julie’s word’s we are NOW “Going further – working together in true collaboration which will enable the creation of something unknown – greater than the sum of its parts and not necessarily identifiable or predictable beforehand.

So until next time I leave you with the spirit of UBUNTU as described by Archbishop Desmond Tutu resonating within your being:

"It is the essence of being human. It speaks of the fact that my humanity is caught up and is inextricably bound up in yours. I am human because I belong. It speaks about wholeness, it speaks about compassion. A person with Ubuntu is welcoming, hospitable, warm and generous, willing to share.
Such people are open and available to others, willing to be vulnerable, affirming of others, do not feel threatened that others are able and good, for they have a proper self-assurance that comes from knowing that they belong in a greater whole.

They know that they are diminished when others are humiliated, diminished when others are oppressed, diminished when others are treated as if they were less than who they are.
The quality of Ubuntu gives people resilience, enabling them to survive and emerge still human despite all efforts to dehumanize them."

Tetka Rhu – SOUP Circle Reporter XL Nation SOUP Circle
Twitter: @Souproject
Facebook Fan Page: Spirit of Unity Project

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

SP - The ingredients are mixed – SOUP and UBUNTU - SOUP REPORT 23RD October 2009

The spirit of our ancestors breathed their joy into the call for action
The trees bent their heads as they agreed with the wisdom of the elders

The wind committed to sending the messages to the far corners of the earth.

The seeds of nourishment smiled as their bellies expanded
as the water of life fed them with encouragement to push through the earth
For all to reap the rewards of the harvest.

The birthing of SOUP – Spirit of Unity Project – began with the vision, wisdom and action of Tracy Stallard, Julie Gunn, Wanijiku and Sibylle based on the principles and philosophy of Ubuntu.
Julie Gunn, Chef of SOUP and XL World SOUP Guardian is an eXtraordinary example of Service with Love as she facilitated this landmark conference call.

Her generosity of spirit exemplifies the spirit of Ubuntu on which the philosophy of SOUP was created.

Ubuntu is an Nguni word from South Africa which addresses our interconnectedness, our common humanity, and the responsibility to each other that flows from our connection.

South African Nobel Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu describes Ubuntu as:

"It is the essence of being human. It speaks of the fact that my humanity is caught up and is inextricably bound up in yours. I am human because I belong. It speaks about wholeness, it speaks about compassion. A person with Ubuntu is welcoming, hospitable, warm and generous, willing to share.
Such people are open and available to others, willing to be vulnerable, affirming of others, do not feel threatened that others are able and good, for they have a proper self-assurance that comes from knowing that they belong in a greater whole.

They know that they are diminished when others are humiliated, diminished when others are oppressed, diminished when others are treated as if they were less than who they are.

The quality of Ubuntu gives people resilience, enabling them to survive and emerge still human despite all efforts to dehumanize them."

XL Nation Effective Transformation Circle Call was the catalyst for SOUP to form a circle through the initiative and foresight of Tracy Stallard who willingly shared the above principles.

The result of this opportunity for people to link to-gether to celebrate in Union the meeting of minds, hearts and desires saw the meeting of the 4 chefs with people both inside and outside of XL Nation to open to giving of their wisdom and vision for the accelerated steps to be taken to the next level on a global conference call Friday 10pm London time on the 23rd October, 2009.

Recognition of the fact that Unity must flow through from the inner circle to the outside world is a pre-requisite to build a leadership of quality and accountability. The ripple effect will be a natural re-action for Causes to link with Causes, Business with Business and people with people for quality of life through Freedom of Choice to be a reality in our known lifetime.

Wanjiku Croy who is Kenyan by birth has been residing in London for the past 10years. Her insight of her beloved Africa through the eyes of the World has propelled her forward to be a Chef in SOUP.

Her passion rang through the line as the people on the call heard her speak with their inner ear the value of SOUP bringing projects together through the building, connecting and leveraging a platform which will provide a database for all to unify in the spirit of Ubuntu.
Her thoughts then took her into explaining the upgrading of current projects through the expertise and involvement of existing successful initiatives and causes.

Wanjiku's excitement was contagious as she explored the opportunity for grass roots projects to connect globally with people of like mind. Gaining wisdom from other communities was also forefront in her mind as a resource for the evolvement of mankind’s attitude to each other.

Mica May’s exuberance for life and living was felt by all as she shared her initial reasons for joining XL Nation.
In her fabulous style and with wit and charm she acknowledged right time, right action is the precursor for people to working to-gether to create better communication and action of purpose.

Her heartfelt passion for the growth of Social Enterprise through the collaboration of Causes plus equally bringing Causes together to forge a sustainable and co-creating environment led her to SOUP through XL World Circle.

Ubuntu message reached into her essence and has lifted Mica up for her light to shine within SOUP.

WOW...Words of Wealth continued to flow.....

Sibylle Bernardakis one of the Chefs bringing SOUP into the awareness of the world since January 2009 gave voice to her joy, compassion and empathy for the brewing of harmonious relationships within the framework of the co-creation of activities that are happening within SOUP.

Motion in movement flowed to Annemaree Cotterell, SOUP Circle XL World Scout spoke on making a bigger difference in the world through unifying Business to Causes.

Her expertise with Corporate Business as a Business Coach showed her experience in opening doors for communities of prosperity to regenerate lifestyle and social entrepreneurship with local and global initiatives.

Speaking with dignity and strength of purpose she elaborated on the awareness of value adding business through their code of ethics as they step forward to adjust their mindset in working for the greater good of the whole.

Lynne Hazeldene from Brighton UK then stepped forward to share her goals and visions of linking people globally to achieve peace in our lifetime

The reality she lives is summed up through Peace Radio:

“We are Creating Peace in OUR Lifetime, by creating partnerships with all leaders for peace and the ordinary people who are making peace happen every day.

We have created a banner to count to one billion souls standing together for peace.


Wiser people than me say that if we stand together we can cause a shift in mass consciousness, or at least life would never be the same. We are testing the theories of spiritual texts and quantum scientist!

Probably the greatest opportunity for us all ONE by ONE to choose.. There is only one valid question..... WHAT DO YOU CHOOSE?

And in the question lays a solution.

Gina Lazenby staying in Los Angeles had joined the call and immediately the synergies between her and Lynne were recognised as they welcomed the sharing of resources with the group.

Currently Gina is enjoying being a global gypsy and had just returned from a Bioneers conference, which is a 20year American project based on objectives which aligns with Ubuntu philosophy.

Her undisguised emotion of following her truth as a Peace activist was evidenced in the telling of Bioneers partnering with Pachamama Alliance. Her energy then swung to Brazil 20/20 as she recalled the value of this community’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions.

She laughingly said “Ordinary people need to be trained to be activists who don’t climb trees” and out of the blue shared a quote by the Dalai Lama “The World will be changed by Western Women”

More synchronicity happened as Gina finished revealing the book she is reading “Real Wealth of Nations” about the invisible work of women when flow continued with:

“Are we all women present on the call?”

Clarification was called for.

Mica May, Lynne Hazelden, Annemaree Cotterell, Wanjiku Croy, Sibylle Bernardakis, Gina Lazenby, Tetka Rhu and Julie Gunn

It goes without saying, I spoke with passion and conviction as reporter for SOUP in XL World as once committed I am fully present.

My focus is definitely in shining my light on people to elevate their personal enterprises to link them with others of like-mind so that the value created then offers more opportunity to give back for the education and empowerment of those who are ready to take those steps.

We have found a better way to work together through communication and understanding as the essential ingredients. This group is dedicated to exploring, sharing, learning about our similarities and shared connections as we fused the greater vision of SOUP into being.

Join us and have Fun being true to YOU!

And so the trees whispered after listening intently to the voices carried across the seas:
Natural Law speaks of this time, WE are ONE and WE are ALL

Until next time, this is Tetka Rhu – Reporter SOUP Circle

Building a STRONG vessel to flow in the River of Life - eXtraordinary Women of the World Circle

Stars shining brightly in the night sky

Lit the pathway for women to walk forward in dignity and harmony

As ONE Universal Voice of connectedness

For the betterment of humanity

The call ended with Bea Benkova, eXtraordinary Women of the World Circle leader clearly stating her vision of empowering women to be feminine, powerful, vital, and wealthy, to live their lives in a natural flow as they fulfil their purposes and leave their legacies while maintaining love, harmony, and respect in their life.

*In the ending is the beginning*

Tuesday morning 8am London time 3rd November, 2009 3rd Circle meeting saw the gathering of XL Nation eXtraordinary Women of the World Circle on a global conference call.
The energy was high as the Circle Leaders present had prepared diligently a format which allowed all those present to be inspired and educated in accepting their personal integrity through honesty of intention with commitment to their purpose.

The intention of our call came into being when Bea found a book on Feng Shui of Flow and Abundance at Vision Villas in Bali. Inner knowing inspired her to action the message flowing through with everyone who resonated with the calling.

"Building a safe Vessel to navigate the River of Life"

The “Live” report from Bali XL Convention from Bea, Carmel Cotis and Melanie Grace symbolised the natural organic growth within our circle as we adapt to what is happening in the world, explore varying roles within our community for growth and expansion to create a whole new body with a cellular structure beaming with Light.

Development and change is happening continually as people are working together for a common goal through educating people into valuing their worth while committing to the principles of XL Nation 20/20 Vision for World Wide Wealth.
This change then takes on a vortex of energy which flows through to all who are focused on the greater good of the whole.

Rustica Lamb from New Zealand shared the resurrection of her journey from being negatively geared with their property portfolio investments to Cash flow positive within a few short months.
Her education came from a breaking point in August 2009. Her insights brought revelations and acceptance of key elements which must be undertaken in the pathway to being cash flow positive in our lives.
• Self Talk and awareness of one’s own skills
• Focus on the game you want to create
• Know where your individual value is
• Being grateful for everything you have
• Understanding Business and Personal Cash Flow is different
• Clear and targeted connections – time management
• Building relationships which value adds each other’s life experiences

Maya Shahani, XL Nation 2009 Award winner stepped forward to encourage people to work on their inner strength as intrinsically this is where our wealth stems from.

The essence of Rustica’s effective giving was “there is no blame, there is no shame”.

Share your story if it helps others to move from the space they may find themselves.
Encourage people to be real and allow emotional releases to naturally happen, as this will bring a shift in mindset.
Focus will be the response to put plans into action while maintaining a balanced lifestyle in taking time to smell the roses.

I love being in the movement of flow.

Melanie Grace our Circle Guardian was absolutely brilliant in her role in managing time.

Her skills and expertise shone as she opened the phone line for me to introduce Julie Gunn to tell her inspiring story of growing up in a world where her nomadic lifestyle created a sense of being separate from the whole.

This formed creative principles which ultimately led her to Paris where she lived for 11years belonging in a place where she didn’t belong.
Scotland and Spain were places on the world map where Julie realised Western civilisations paradigm of living were based on very individualistic principals which were quite alien to her inner wealth.

As she continued her story, Julie’s point of difference was evident as she explored circles within communities.

Her natural joy and love of life was initiated in experiencing the culture of native Africans who have incredible resilience through the support systems of family and community. Their celebration of living through song and dance was intuitive and instinctual as they embraced the spirit of their ancestral heritage.

As Julie and her husband who is a flamenco guitarist roamed the world their flow began to form as they built a strong vessel of communication and connection through developing flamenco music for kids.

This food for the Soul began to create unity as they appreciated through forms and movements how 2 individual groups are able to create rhythm while they hold the space for each other.

This symbolized a forming journey which led to a forming union of like minded visions with Tracy Stallard XL Nation Founding member.

SOUP (Spirit of Unity Project) began to take shape.

The relevance of building a strong vessel flowing in the golden river of life began to build a structure where 4 Chefs united to:

• Bring 2 or more concepts onto ONE
• Parallel projects move together to give each other strength while working creatively together
• Empower people to receive and give credence to receiving
• Having the spirit of Ubuntu – where all life, all humanity is respected as One with the other
• Valuing the education of empowerment as the crucial link to WWW 20/20Vision

Validation of Julie’s role in our call is escalating daily in the momentum forward with the Chefs of SOUP.
They are creating a sustaining environment for dreams to be a reality for many through co-operation, collaboration and unity through TRUST being continually forged as the element which will drive this project forward.

Ania Sujet from London then took the call to offer everyone opportunities to embrace an Emotional Fitness Program which features Amazon Rain Forest Vibrational Essences to empower people to grow and expand their awareness and consciousness to step forward and make a difference in the environment of their choice.

She also advised an opportunity in the anti aging industry will be made available through eXtraordinary Women of the World Circle website for all those interested.

Kay Westmoreland our Circle treasurer identified the need for our circle to have the formulation of ways to identify WWW contributions which are relevant to eXtraordinary Women of the World Circle.
This has been noted and will be dealt with accordingly to be in alignment with

*and so in the ending is the beginning*

As Bea closed the meeting with:


A Citizen
Born for this moment
Chosen for this eXtraordinary Life
Connected by Spirit to all who form this circle


A guardian of this sacred promise


until next time, this is Tetka Rhu – XL Nation eXtraordinary Women of the World Circle Reporter

SP Together we WILL achieve MORE

The lights are turned on
When all who are present
Honour the spirit of the gathering

Renewal of support gathers a momentum
To surrender to the security
Of together we WILL achieve more.

Tuesday morning 9am London time 22nd September, 2009 saw the gathering of XL Nation eXtraordinary Women of the World Circle on a global conference call.

The theme for the meeting was Clarity of Purpose of the Circle and how each woman can support another in the time frames between the global connections.

Bea Benkova our Circle Leader is committed to opening to ideas from every woman to step up and share inspiring stories which will naturally create themes for our meetings.
Her decision to formulate a discussion for the Circle members to vote on the Cause of Choice will be released in XL World.

The result of the vote will then decide who will receive the contributions which are created through the tenacity of our group to make a difference.

Giving back is a core fundamental value of

The focus of the cause will be for women in lower socio economic societies to be valued and educated in the integrity of creating a better lifestyle for themselves and their families.

Kay Westmoreland our Circle Treasurer stated with passion the value of supporting eXtraordinary women of the World Circle in solving challenges they may be facing in any one moment whether it be personal or business based.

This idea was met with a sense of gratitude as we valued the gift of acceptance that we are not alone. It is up to the individual to value their worth in opening to receive the greatness of “together we WILL achieve more”.

Aligning to the spirit of feminine consciousness it was exciting to hear women talk of how Vibrational elixirs have supported their personal growth in bringing them to their internal rhythm. I was delighted to be able to share how the energy of wearing a piece of opal jewellery will magnify our energies and in that we naturally attract people to us who are on same wavelength of thought and purpose.

Velody our deputy reporter is writing amazing melodies as she is inspired throughout the meetings agendas. The first song written is now available for Circle members to listen to on Tetka’s Artwork will compliment the sound of Velody’s music while the marketing will be a process of action within the group as we move forward through themes and inspiring stories of members.
Sales of CD’s will be available at the end of the 12month cycle as Velody and Tetka effectively give back to the Cause of the Circle.

Responsibility to grow our learning in becoming eXtraordinary Social Entrepreneurs as we harness the vision of XL Nation 20/20 Vision for World Wide Wealth is paramount in forming positive evolving relationships with each other.

Leading the way by example Bea has inspired women to become Citizens of XL Nation with the express purpose of connecting to others of like mind and equally with Wealth Dynamic Profiles which will give extra value to the blossoming growth of individual businesses.

As I reflect on the evening and my own journey in XL Nation I categorically know that unless we step up and take action on a personal level, even if it is only through posting our ideas and generosity of thought on our Circle site, we cannot expect to be embraced with the spirit of networking which is so readily available.

My great learning throughout my life is “Communication is the first key to building relationships” and if you want change, then it is important to change our attitude.
Taking this on board in stepping up as Circle Reporter I am now graced with the bounty of receiving as I effectively give back.

eXtraordinary Women of the World Circle Leaders invite you to email, message or post on their personal websites so that to-gether we WILL make a difference.

Remember; “If it is going to BE, it is up to Me”

until next time, this is Tetka Rhu – XL Nation eXtraordinary Women of the World Circle Reporter

SP - CREATING NEW WEALTH - XL Nation Brisbane Circle Meeting

Unexpected outcomes occur
When we set the intention of building trust
To create and co-create with each other.

Boundaries lifted as we explored options available
To open the well of creative action.

The renewable force of regeneration then lifts us above the mundane
To traipse a fire blazing trail

Sensory perceptions of the evening ahead filled my awareness with Light of something incredibly special happening around our meeting in “Creating New Wealth” on September 3rd, 2009.
Synergies of co-operation began with the setting up and the feeling of “Knowing where we are going and what we are here to do”

Vibrations began to form as the Wine bar of The Alliance Hotel, 320 Boundary Street, Spring Hill filled with music.
The vital essence of fun and joy formed as 30 people participated in what was an auspicious time in the building of the intention of Brisbane Circle to be the largest contributing circle to World Wide Wealth per quarter in XL Nation.

People’s prosperity consciousness was raised through the inspiration of the Circle Leaders.

The declaration of Interdependence is always a point of reflection in the structure and format of the evening’s activities. Margaret Wilmink our Circle Guardian led the way with the spirit of acceptance of the journey ahead.

Charles Buffet our Circle Leader brought to our attention the Social Consciousness of Linda and Bill Gates in identifying the purpose of education in lifting people out of poverty while valuing the human promise that all life has equal value, while the reference to Warren Buffett’s spirit that “nothing important will ever be accomplished by making small decisions” challenged people to look within their mindset to be the best they can be.

Points of reference set in place, it was my pleasure to share incredibly inspiring stories which I became aware of as I edited nominations for XL Global Awards.
Ordinary people living eXtraordinary Lives showed me through this process the possibility of attending to our mission with care and diligence when we open ourselves to the vision of something bigger than ourselves.

Social Entrepreneurship through living the spirit of effective giving was mirrored to each person in the room as the possibility that everything is possible if we choose to step beyond limited boundaries.

It was my delight to share three people’s stories as being examples of exemplary journeys of initiation into a life of service to their higher purpose.

Ghani Kunto is a leader today through having courage to follow a path lit by other XL members.
At age 24, he made a conscious decision to stop wasting his youth on chasing money and now at age 27 he is instrumental in building life changes for many people in Indonesia.

His company has created a financial literacy and entrepreneurship education for students ranging from kids in primary school to university students. Some of the students are now business owners, their businesses ranging from importing candy, to opening a cupcake store, to an online handicraft store, to a social-awareness merchandise store. They also hold an annual national student entrepreneurship award.

A man of action Ghani hosts a weekly television talk show called Beyond Profits. Social entrepreneurship through educating people is his passion. Add to the mix a nightly talk show on radio called D’Inspiration and you realise his energy and drive loves spreading the word of a new paradigm of living.

Hattie Hasan from United Kingdom has taken her empowered vision of Genuine Power Solutions in bringing solar electricity and hot water to businesses in Gibraltar, where there are currently no solar installations despite the fact they get 6-8hrs usable sunlight per day.

As part of her formula and strategy for eco awareness she is instrumental in creating EDIT, which is a technology aiming to stream live events across the world in an affordable and accessible way, meaning global audiences can be reached without the carbon footprint of global travel.

Hattie’s plumbing roots in the UK plus her valuable knowledge in communication and technology has brought about the creation of Word of Mouth - Online; a service bringing trust back into the construction industry, while at the same time she is spearheading a national campaign to raise the profile of manual trades as a real option for school leavers to bring the reputation of that industry back up to where it belongs.

Tamami Ushiki is a woman on a mission.
Her journey through XL Nation has formed valuable alliances to support her with the quest to encourage Ordinary people to live eXtraordinary Lives.
Her “Lord” Wealth Dynamics profile saw the potential of spreading energy flow though communities in understanding, accepting and working with their profile into being creative and productive people living a greater purpose for the vision of World Wide Wealth in 2020.

Tamami’s dynamic personality began the process through the potential and opportunity to introduce Wealth Dynamics in Japan.
In April 2009, she translated, published and promoted “Your Life Your Legacy Book 1” in Japan and it ranked No1 in Amazon rankings and stayed in the Best 10 for a week.
Japanese translation of Your Life, Your Legacy saw the need for the book to be divided in Book 1 and 2.

Stepping onto the stage Leo Petrik our “Star” guest speaker who is globally known as Mr. Networking asked probing questions to identify what category of networking fits our criteria for effectively utilizing the skills and services available at our fingertips in building Circles of Trust.

Leo referred to the 1 degree shift in our attitudes and way of doing things to begin the ball rolling for massive results. Subtly, he allowed the journey of questioning to set up cycles of repair in moving from old paradigms of business co-operation to putting forward the reality that all great business is built on a foundation of a collective intelligence.

Trust was the word that kept coming to the fore as he explored the validity of building trusted relationships in moving beyond fear limitations of money.
Respect and commitment to form foundations of Social Entrepreneurship revealed when people share a common goal through Trust, achievement of what appears an elusive dream can fast become a shared happening.

Kate Osborne, Brisbane Circle Scout educated people through the formula of “where money comes from and where money goes”. The steps set forward provided clarity of action in 5 areas of business tested and measured daily.
Conversion rates and margins brought a conscious movement to take action in evaluating costs on spending, delivery and distribution in strategically positioning business in areas of expected growth.

Annemaree Cotterill our Circle WWW Ambassador’s innovative formulation of Wealth Dynamics and Wealth Spectrum co-related with the essence of effective giving through lighting another’s flame and leveraging their value as the way forward in monetising through the gift of giving and receiving.

In connecting to Causes, the eXtraordinary interdependence of “you care/they care” links the Love and Money Matrix in a vortex of incredible results for all who participate to blend the mix for fruitful outcomes in moving forward in achieving the viable vision for World Wide Wealth.

Graham Donnelly our treasurer then stepped up to validate the financial status of Brisbane Circle and excited everybody in the room in referring back to Kate’s’ education section in the amazing growth and possibilities for our future through the actions and reactions of active participants in fulfilling the mission of their choice.

A big thanks to the Circle Leaders for creating an awesome vehicle for each person to show UP, Step UP and Give back.

Circle Leader - Charles Buffet; Circle Guardian – Margaret Wilmink; Circle Scout – Kate Osborne; Circle Guide – OPEN; Circle Treasurer – Graham Donnelly; Circle Ambassador – Annemaree Cotterill; Circle Reporter – Tetka Rhu

Until next time, this is Tetka Rhu – Brisbane Circle Reporter


And so we begin the journey of a thousand miles
As we adhere to the guidelines set down as a structure to follow

Inspired by the greatness of others who have walked before

We move onto the path of Light which engenders the gift
Of freedom for all those who align to the spirit of:

Right Choice
Right Thought
Right Deed
Right Action

And so the Declaration of Interdependance brings us the Gift of Alignment to that which we seek to BE.

beyond fear, beyond ego, beyond limitation
sharing this precious earth with nature and all living creatures
the heartbeats of my fellow citizens, beating in time around the globe
the same air breathed by the ancients, and breathed by generations to come
wisdom, resources and an ever expanding Circle of Trust
the future that already exists within our collective dreaming
my passion, my wealth, my connection, my community
the siren call of those in need, my heart deepening with compassion and love
with generosity and grace, inspiring others to do the same
shining my unique essence, connecting to my deepest purpose, fulfilling my boldest vision
a Citizen born for this moment
Chosen for this eXtraordinary life
Connected by spirit to all who form this Circle
a guardian of this sacred promise.

As I sit and reflect on XL Nation Brisbane Circle Meeting held at the Alliance Hotel, 320 Boundary Street, Spring Hill, Brisbane, Qld my mind automatically takes me to the Declaration of Interdependance which I feel is the core essence of our virtual nation.

I sense the influence of the Declaration having a profound effect on the movement forward of our Circle in actioning proposed plans for the purpose of XL Nation Brisbane Circle in alignment with 20/20 Vision World Wide Wealth.

I feel strongly the core values within the Declaration as being a code of reference for our authentic behaviour to appreciate our individual worth and value while effectively giving to others for their personal identification and acceptance of who they are.

Charles Buffett our Circle Leader brought this into being in sharing his story through the Wealth Spectrum. Valuing his worth in identifying what to him is absolutely critically for each of us to step forward with clarity is the question:

What are you No 1 at?

Once you can identify where your passion and skills lay the answer automatically is there in front of your eyes.

The trick then is to really feel this inside yourself and in Charles words get “real clarity” on what to say “YES” to and equally important what to say “NO” to.

His words of “Mastering YOUR Marketing allows you the energy to connect to other people who will complete the scenario” for co-operation of sustainable business streams of cash flow positive income streams to be the result.

Kate Osborne our Circle Scout shared her inspiring story of how life took her on a journey which brought her resources of inner wealth and knowledge into a vehicle where she is deemed by her peers as the Business Coach of Coaches.

The question was asked of Kate: “What process would you take if you were helping someone get into business?”

Her answer was clear and methodical as she slipped into teacher mode outlining the value of knowing each process within a particular model.

Working in a job allows you first hand to see what the team manages on a day to day basis, while being a manager gives you the experience of working together as a team in order to achieve productivity levels projected.

I perceived what Kate was saying “Experience curtails mistakes”

Stepping into the business owner role while having the knowledge and understanding of the mechanics of each rung of the ladder allows you to move forward with confidence as trust is built within the business environment for the betterment of all.

The top of the ladder is reached when you are able to confidently hand over the reins of your business model to enjoy the mode of Entrepreneurship which gives you the freedom to give back to others for World Wide Wealth to be a reality in 20/20.

Opportunity was knocking as David Waden took to the floor in his own inimitable style as he presented the results of a new format of OK from October 1st meeting.

Thinking outside the square he had taken 24opportunities from feedback given what people were both offering and wanting to receive in order to take their businesses forward and presented these opportunities to those present.
This form of networking opened the door for people to connect with David so he could link person to person as required.

Meanwhile thunder and lightning storms were raging outside, creating a backdrop for change and clearing of the humidity which had built up through the day.

Opportunity Knocks forms were then given to people present for them to be presented at our December meeting and so the ball keeps rolling forward.

I am ever aware of life changing and as such, I put out a call to any person interested in sharing the journey with me as Brisbane Circle reporter.
The opportunities, connections and experiences which have come my way globally since stepping into the role of reporter for our circle has literally changed my life.
I am really looking forward to sharing the same opportunity with another person.

Who will be the other part of the Reporter team for our Circle?

The choice is yours
Right thoughts will allow you the freedom to step up
Right deeds will open the doorway of global connections
Right Action will liberate you into being more than you ever thought you could be.

The smell of food began to drift around as our hosts at the Alliance Hotel brought tasty morsels for everyone to relax into networking for the following 30minutes.

Time was called for Mark D Nicholls, our guest speaker to step forward with generosity and grace to give of his knowledge and educate all present with further insights into the structure of Wealth Spectrum.

Mark is passionate about business, and even more passionate about smart business. Mark understands business in an information based economy and the technological, cultural and organizational impacts this is having on business, on individuals, and on enterprises and industries.

His web site will bring to light his creative and innovative techniques which have seen businesses nationally and internationally soar.

After spending time at Vision Villas in Bali over the past month, it was illuminating listening to his insights on the Wealth Spectrum which is the next step forward in value adding peoples’ growth as Social Entrepreneurs.

Mark referred to life and business as being the orchestra of our creation.

Our rhythm will attract people into our flow. As we engage and begin working with others we are able to conquer our personal challenges while being self-disciplined in learning our tools of trade.

When we harmonise our instruments and play in tune our life begins to take on an ambience and hue of creative endless opportunities.

Annemaree Cotterell our WWW Ambassador completed the cycle of the Declaration of Interdependance as she opened to members the opportunity to be a part of the decision process of choosing the Cause of Choice for XL Nation Brisbane Circle.

Owning the value of giving back, choices will be made through a democratic forum and a decision formulated for our December meeting.

And so into the rain we ventured as we all made our way home, til we meet again on December, 3rd, 2009.

Big thanks to the Circle Leaders for diligence of purpose in creating Wealth Networks which mirrored internal values from external events.
Values were leveraged as the character of the individual showed the passion of purpose through the outpouring of knowledge and wisdom.

Circle Leader - Charles Buffet; Circle Guardian – Margaret Wilmink; Circle Scout – Kate Osborne; Circle Guide – David Waden; Circle Treasurer – Graham Donnelly; Circle Ambassador – Annemaree Cotterill; Circle Reporter – Tetka Rhu

Until next time, this is Tetka Rhu – Brisbane Circle Reporter

SP - OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS for Brisbane Circle Founding Members and Citizens

In every moment there are endings and beginnings.

The journey opens to connecting and sharing
from a place of value adding to each other.

Points of differences are clarified
As we respect the integrity of the whole.

When the Circle Leader, Charles Buffet takes time out for his honeymoon, “the show must go on”.

Sincere congratulations to Charles and Lyn on their Union set the agenda for the evening of Opportunity Knocks XL Nation Brisbane Circle meeting held on Thursday 1st October, 2009 at The Alliance Hotel, 320 Boundary Street, Spring Hill.

The Circle Leadership team joined together to step up in ensuring the successful running of our meeting which met the expectations of all those who acknowledged the invitation to attend.

Margaret Wilmink, Circle Guardian opened the evening with XL Nation declaration of Interdependence which always fills me with such gratitude in being a part of

I AM beyond fear, beyond ego, beyond limitation
I STAND sharing this precious earth with nature and all living creatures
I FEEL the heartbeats of my fellow citizens, beating in time around the globe
I BREATHE the same air breathed by the ancients, and breathed by generations to come
I BUILD wisdom, resources and an ever expanding Circle of Trust
I SEE the future that already exists within our collective dreaming
I GROW my passion, my wealth, my connection, my community
I HEAR the siren call of those in need, my heart deepening with compassion and love
I GIVE with generosity and grace, inspiring others to do the same
I LIVE shining my unique essence, connecting to my deepest purpose, fulfilling my boldest vision

I AM a Citizen born for this moment
Chosen for this eXtraordinary life
Connected by spirit to all who form this Circle
I AM as guardian of this sacred promise.

Graham Donnelly our Circle Treasurer stepped into Charles’s role to inspire everyone with updates of what is evolving within our virtual nation.
His approach brought smiles to everyone’s faces as he also shared the uniqueness of Charles and Lyn’s wedding. A true family environment was unfolding.

As reporter for Brisbane Circle it is always a fantastic opportunity to inspire founding members and guests with stories of ordinary people living eXtraordinary Lives while equally giving people the opportunity to align their business growth and development to a worthy cause.

The world as we know it is undergoing much climatic change and as a result of the devastation experienced in Samoa, a local Brisbane Cause “Dream It UP” supported by Logan City Council has risen to the occasion to pull together a concert which will support victims of the tragedy.

This awareness of the Cause has given food for thought for founding members, citizens and guests of XL Nation Brisbane Circle to experience the concert while aligning to the principles of the Declaration of Interdependence “I HEAR the siren call of those in need, my heart deepening with compassion and love”

David Waden our Circle Guide offered great insight and clarity around the role of Guide through evolving a new vision for Opportunity Knocks. The philosophy of connecting people of like mind and business interests was foremost in his intention as he explained the principles of any and all strategies and business development.

He proposed as a direct result of connecting people and sharing business strategies through Opportunity Knocks an honour system of a percentage of net profits to be given back to our Circle to a Cause of Choice.

This met with approval as each person willing participated in giving details which will create a link to other people so that Social Entrepreneurship will take on a new level of occupation within our circle.

Kate Osborne our Scout lived up to expectation as she educated everyone on the formula of a Dynamic Life built around strong belief patterns around self image. The power of Proper Self Image opened to marketing and value adding our business around Customer Service.
Her lively presentation held everyone captive as we absorbed the intellectual knowledge she has built over her many successful years as an Entrepreneur and Business Coach.

Annemaree Cotterill our www Ambassador followed with her appreciation of the Wealth Spectrum through actively inviting participation of the group.

Libby Butler – Founding Member of XL Nation – willing agreed to explore her “What” to grow her business as a life Coach. The results were liberating for Libby to step UP in her business model while building her business acumen around “Lifesavers Cause” which she actively supports.

And so the evening completed with conclusive networking opportunities being cemented for the next level of competence to be grown into by all there.

A big thank you to Brisbane Circle Team Leaders for creating a forum to expand everyone’s steps of participation in accumulating knowledge, wisdom and power to be a part of WWW 20/20 Vision.

Circle Leader - Charles Buffet; Circle Guardian – Margaret Wilmink; Circle Scout – Kate Osborne; Circle Guide – David Waden; Circle Treasurer – Graham Donnelly; Circle Ambassador – Annemaree Cotterill; Circle Reporter – Tetka Rhu

Until next time, this is Tetka Rhu – Brisbane Circle Reporter
World Wide Wealth 20/20 Vision.