Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Building a STRONG vessel to flow in the River of Life - eXtraordinary Women of the World Circle

Stars shining brightly in the night sky

Lit the pathway for women to walk forward in dignity and harmony

As ONE Universal Voice of connectedness

For the betterment of humanity

The call ended with Bea Benkova, eXtraordinary Women of the World Circle leader clearly stating her vision of empowering women to be feminine, powerful, vital, and wealthy, to live their lives in a natural flow as they fulfil their purposes and leave their legacies while maintaining love, harmony, and respect in their life.

*In the ending is the beginning*

Tuesday morning 8am London time 3rd November, 2009 3rd Circle meeting saw the gathering of XL Nation eXtraordinary Women of the World Circle on a global conference call.
The energy was high as the Circle Leaders present had prepared diligently a format which allowed all those present to be inspired and educated in accepting their personal integrity through honesty of intention with commitment to their purpose.

The intention of our call came into being when Bea found a book on Feng Shui of Flow and Abundance at Vision Villas in Bali. Inner knowing inspired her to action the message flowing through with everyone who resonated with the calling.

"Building a safe Vessel to navigate the River of Life"

The “Live” report from Bali XL Convention from Bea, Carmel Cotis and Melanie Grace symbolised the natural organic growth within our circle as we adapt to what is happening in the world, explore varying roles within our community for growth and expansion to create a whole new body with a cellular structure beaming with Light.

Development and change is happening continually as people are working together for a common goal through educating people into valuing their worth while committing to the principles of XL Nation 20/20 Vision for World Wide Wealth.
This change then takes on a vortex of energy which flows through to all who are focused on the greater good of the whole.

Rustica Lamb from New Zealand shared the resurrection of her journey from being negatively geared with their property portfolio investments to Cash flow positive within a few short months.
Her education came from a breaking point in August 2009. Her insights brought revelations and acceptance of key elements which must be undertaken in the pathway to being cash flow positive in our lives.
• Self Talk and awareness of one’s own skills
• Focus on the game you want to create
• Know where your individual value is
• Being grateful for everything you have
• Understanding Business and Personal Cash Flow is different
• Clear and targeted connections – time management
• Building relationships which value adds each other’s life experiences

Maya Shahani, XL Nation 2009 Award winner stepped forward to encourage people to work on their inner strength as intrinsically this is where our wealth stems from.

The essence of Rustica’s effective giving was “there is no blame, there is no shame”.

Share your story if it helps others to move from the space they may find themselves.
Encourage people to be real and allow emotional releases to naturally happen, as this will bring a shift in mindset.
Focus will be the response to put plans into action while maintaining a balanced lifestyle in taking time to smell the roses.

I love being in the movement of flow.

Melanie Grace our Circle Guardian was absolutely brilliant in her role in managing time.

Her skills and expertise shone as she opened the phone line for me to introduce Julie Gunn to tell her inspiring story of growing up in a world where her nomadic lifestyle created a sense of being separate from the whole.

This formed creative principles which ultimately led her to Paris where she lived for 11years belonging in a place where she didn’t belong.
Scotland and Spain were places on the world map where Julie realised Western civilisations paradigm of living were based on very individualistic principals which were quite alien to her inner wealth.

As she continued her story, Julie’s point of difference was evident as she explored circles within communities.

Her natural joy and love of life was initiated in experiencing the culture of native Africans who have incredible resilience through the support systems of family and community. Their celebration of living through song and dance was intuitive and instinctual as they embraced the spirit of their ancestral heritage.

As Julie and her husband who is a flamenco guitarist roamed the world their flow began to form as they built a strong vessel of communication and connection through developing flamenco music for kids.

This food for the Soul began to create unity as they appreciated through forms and movements how 2 individual groups are able to create rhythm while they hold the space for each other.

This symbolized a forming journey which led to a forming union of like minded visions with Tracy Stallard XL Nation Founding member.

SOUP (Spirit of Unity Project) began to take shape.

The relevance of building a strong vessel flowing in the golden river of life began to build a structure where 4 Chefs united to:

• Bring 2 or more concepts onto ONE
• Parallel projects move together to give each other strength while working creatively together
• Empower people to receive and give credence to receiving
• Having the spirit of Ubuntu – where all life, all humanity is respected as One with the other
• Valuing the education of empowerment as the crucial link to WWW 20/20Vision

Validation of Julie’s role in our call is escalating daily in the momentum forward with the Chefs of SOUP.
They are creating a sustaining environment for dreams to be a reality for many through co-operation, collaboration and unity through TRUST being continually forged as the element which will drive this project forward.

Ania Sujet from London then took the call to offer everyone opportunities to embrace an Emotional Fitness Program which features Amazon Rain Forest Vibrational Essences to empower people to grow and expand their awareness and consciousness to step forward and make a difference in the environment of their choice.

She also advised an opportunity in the anti aging industry will be made available through eXtraordinary Women of the World Circle www.xlworld.org website for all those interested.

Kay Westmoreland our Circle treasurer identified the need for our circle to have the formulation of ways to identify WWW contributions which are relevant to eXtraordinary Women of the World Circle.
This has been noted and will be dealt with accordingly to be in alignment with www.xlnation.org

*and so in the ending is the beginning*

As Bea closed the meeting with:


A Citizen
Born for this moment
Chosen for this eXtraordinary Life
Connected by Spirit to all who form this circle


A guardian of this sacred promise


until next time, this is Tetka Rhu – XL Nation eXtraordinary Women of the World Circle Reporter

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