Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Gathering like minded people to collaborate, co-operate and unify in #SOUP -Spirit of Unity Project @Souproject

The ingredients are gathered for the SOUP to cook,
The recipe is followed for the broth to boil.

Stirring, adding, the taste is unique
as the components of the whole are actioned into being.

Thursday 30th October, 2009 saw the gathering of like minded people whose vision and mission is for the greater good of the whole.

Commitment to any purpose begins with stepping forward and speaking one’s truth. It was very illuminating to see how the energies evolved for action to happen on this call.

Julie Gunn, our group call facilitator reminded us that SOUP is an alliance of individuals, organizations and businesses working together towards unity and therefore will create a healthier, more sustainable way of living.

The concept is twofold:
• Providing a platform for all the projects, initiatives, businesses, organisations, individuals specifically but not exclusively in the field of development
• Coming together through Circles of Trust to unify – in terms of knowledge, goals, funds, personnel and collaboration.

Julie then recommended we invite people to SOUP’s current networking site to an audience committed to making a difference in our world.

Stepping forward the Chefs and members began to share their understanding of the recipes for SOUP.

Julie Gunn, Wanjiku Croy, Tracy, Stallard, Sibylle Bernardakis Ian Loots, John Dougan, Michael Todd, Tetka Rhu, Carmel Cotis all spoke with clarity about both their vision for Unity in Action.

Michael Todd is certainly participating in the game of life as he clarified Social Media involvement for SOUP @Souproject with planning moves and strategic advice in connecting people for the awareness of Spirit of Unity Project.

The alignment of @Ganxie Social Media Marketing with SOUP was the catalyst of support which will take the initial structures and platforms formulated by the Chefs into the awareness of a global audience.

Carmel Cotis referenced her value through accepting this was a call for listening and learning more of the principles of cohesive thought of SOUP, so that she can introduce the philosophy into Adelaide, South Australia’s community.

John Dougan questioned and equally referenced the similarity in what the Chefs have initially formulated in having the spirit of UBUNTU to other groups such as Pachamama Alliance.
He is focused on being a force for positive change in his contributions of where he places his attention.
He was adamant that any projects he is interested in must be practical, constructive and sustainable.

Tracy Stallard who has been an incredible person of diligence and creativity in the manifestation of SOUP has seen dots’ being connected through removing competition as her focus is on delivering results. Her action in creating
Soup Circle delivered a vehicle for Social Entrepreneurs in XL Nation to open their awareness to the principles of UBUNTU through Spirit of Unity Project.
She is totally clear that it is time to “get on with the job” as the time-lines to meet millennium goals through all continents, all communities is tight.

Tracy’s clarity on the potential of SOUP is to bring balance in the talking and the doing of all objectives planned. Building and actioning strategies are her prime motivating influence through Social Media marketing.
Her attitude is one of evolving other peoples’ perceptions that giving is receiving and receiving is giving while valuing the connectedness of humanity.

Ian Loots is known throughout XL Nation as being a positive activist for change in our environment. His actions are well documented in generating vehicles into being for clean water to be a reality in our world.
His influence and knowledge about NGO – Non Government Organisations will benefit SOUP’s momentum forward as his commitment is centered around affecting change in Social Responsibility in how we care for Ourselves, our Community and our Earth.

Ian delivered his thoughts on attracting people, business and charities to collaborate in building strong foundations for SOUP.

And so the call continued, each person contributed their concepts to take SOUP to the next level in the principle of working together “we can do so much more”.

One aspect of the call jumped out at me as it totally reflected what SOUP signifies.

Tracy told the analogy of an African marketplace, where each person, family and member of that community linked together their produce and at the end of the day divided the proceeds between the whole.

This to me personified having the spirit of Ubuntu.

My heart leapt with joy as I recognized unlimited possibilities for humanity the old concept of Co-Ops taken to a new level of participation.

I am intrigued to watch the paradigm shift in mankind’s consciousness for this example of Unity to be a reality.
It just takes two people to begin the ball game rolling.

Actioning the spirit of Ubuntu is magnifying our thoughts and feelings to attract others of like mind for the process to accelerate.

Word of mouth through creative possibilities in my perception will be the form each person will move forward with, for mankind to live in dignity and harmony with the earth.

Wanjiku Croy was overjoyed with the level of consciousness raised throughout the conference call as she shared a recording Gertrude Matshe on the spirit of having Ubuntu.

The relevant point which reached me were:
• Reawaken people to be present, which will revolutionize the philosophy known to mankind from the old paradigm of life and living.

I understand this to mean where people operate from no agenda, where they act and react from their heart center. In this space there is no intended result apart from being centered in their awareness, the NOW moment simply IS as it IS.

The shift which then occurred after Gertrude’s thoughts was positive contribution and clarity around:

• SOUP Code of Conduct
• Getting the little things right in building foundations for growth and acceleration
• Join together globally with one Project which will awaken people to infinite possibilities of to-gether we can do so much more.
• Bring our strengths together and unify them through the principles of the African Market Place.
• Build Facebook SOUP Fan Page for updates, news etc.
• Create Live Conversation through Facebook and Twitter for Google search engines to pick up key words as this will bring people to the conversation.
• Tweet updates and links with collaborative partners to raise even more awareness of SOUP
• Individually invite people to our community through Facebook, Twitter, Ning and XL World.
• Blog talk Radio to inspire peoples’ day while opening to a networking community of same values and principles of living.

Michael Todd added more value in discussing the creation of infra-structures plus value to sponsors through monetizing and leveraging what the group will bring to the table.

And in Julie’s word’s we are NOW “Going further – working together in true collaboration which will enable the creation of something unknown – greater than the sum of its parts and not necessarily identifiable or predictable beforehand.

So until next time I leave you with the spirit of UBUNTU as described by Archbishop Desmond Tutu resonating within your being:

"It is the essence of being human. It speaks of the fact that my humanity is caught up and is inextricably bound up in yours. I am human because I belong. It speaks about wholeness, it speaks about compassion. A person with Ubuntu is welcoming, hospitable, warm and generous, willing to share.
Such people are open and available to others, willing to be vulnerable, affirming of others, do not feel threatened that others are able and good, for they have a proper self-assurance that comes from knowing that they belong in a greater whole.

They know that they are diminished when others are humiliated, diminished when others are oppressed, diminished when others are treated as if they were less than who they are.
The quality of Ubuntu gives people resilience, enabling them to survive and emerge still human despite all efforts to dehumanize them."

Tetka Rhu – SOUP Circle Reporter XL Nation SOUP Circle
Twitter: @Souproject
Facebook Fan Page: Spirit of Unity Project

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