Tuesday, November 10, 2009


And so we begin the journey of a thousand miles
As we adhere to the guidelines set down as a structure to follow

Inspired by the greatness of others who have walked before

We move onto the path of Light which engenders the gift
Of freedom for all those who align to the spirit of:

Right Choice
Right Thought
Right Deed
Right Action

And so the Declaration of Interdependance brings us the Gift of Alignment to that which we seek to BE.

beyond fear, beyond ego, beyond limitation
sharing this precious earth with nature and all living creatures
the heartbeats of my fellow citizens, beating in time around the globe
the same air breathed by the ancients, and breathed by generations to come
wisdom, resources and an ever expanding Circle of Trust
the future that already exists within our collective dreaming
my passion, my wealth, my connection, my community
the siren call of those in need, my heart deepening with compassion and love
with generosity and grace, inspiring others to do the same
shining my unique essence, connecting to my deepest purpose, fulfilling my boldest vision
a Citizen born for this moment
Chosen for this eXtraordinary life
Connected by spirit to all who form this Circle
a guardian of this sacred promise.

As I sit and reflect on XL Nation Brisbane Circle Meeting held at the Alliance Hotel, 320 Boundary Street, Spring Hill, Brisbane, Qld my mind automatically takes me to the Declaration of Interdependance which I feel is the core essence of our virtual nation.

I sense the influence of the Declaration having a profound effect on the movement forward of our Circle in actioning proposed plans for the purpose of XL Nation Brisbane Circle in alignment with www.xlnation.org 20/20 Vision World Wide Wealth.

I feel strongly the core values within the Declaration as being a code of reference for our authentic behaviour to appreciate our individual worth and value while effectively giving to others for their personal identification and acceptance of who they are.

Charles Buffett our Circle Leader brought this into being in sharing his story through the Wealth Spectrum. Valuing his worth in identifying what to him is absolutely critically for each of us to step forward with clarity is the question:

What are you No 1 at?

Once you can identify where your passion and skills lay the answer automatically is there in front of your eyes.

The trick then is to really feel this inside yourself and in Charles words get “real clarity” on what to say “YES” to and equally important what to say “NO” to.

His words of “Mastering YOUR Marketing allows you the energy to connect to other people who will complete the scenario” for co-operation of sustainable business streams of cash flow positive income streams to be the result.

Kate Osborne our Circle Scout shared her inspiring story of how life took her on a journey which brought her resources of inner wealth and knowledge into a vehicle where she is deemed by her peers as the Business Coach of Coaches.

The question was asked of Kate: “What process would you take if you were helping someone get into business?”

Her answer was clear and methodical as she slipped into teacher mode outlining the value of knowing each process within a particular model.

Working in a job allows you first hand to see what the team manages on a day to day basis, while being a manager gives you the experience of working together as a team in order to achieve productivity levels projected.

I perceived what Kate was saying “Experience curtails mistakes”

Stepping into the business owner role while having the knowledge and understanding of the mechanics of each rung of the ladder allows you to move forward with confidence as trust is built within the business environment for the betterment of all.

The top of the ladder is reached when you are able to confidently hand over the reins of your business model to enjoy the mode of Entrepreneurship which gives you the freedom to give back to others for World Wide Wealth to be a reality in 20/20.

Opportunity was knocking as David Waden took to the floor in his own inimitable style as he presented the results of a new format of OK from October 1st meeting.

Thinking outside the square he had taken 24opportunities from feedback given what people were both offering and wanting to receive in order to take their businesses forward and presented these opportunities to those present.
This form of networking opened the door for people to connect with David so he could link person to person as required.

Meanwhile thunder and lightning storms were raging outside, creating a backdrop for change and clearing of the humidity which had built up through the day.

Opportunity Knocks forms were then given to people present for them to be presented at our December meeting and so the ball keeps rolling forward.

I am ever aware of life changing and as such, I put out a call to any person interested in sharing the journey with me as Brisbane Circle reporter.
The opportunities, connections and experiences which have come my way globally since stepping into the role of reporter for our circle has literally changed my life.
I am really looking forward to sharing the same opportunity with another person.

Who will be the other part of the Reporter team for our Circle?

The choice is yours
Right thoughts will allow you the freedom to step up
Right deeds will open the doorway of global connections
Right Action will liberate you into being more than you ever thought you could be.

The smell of food began to drift around as our hosts at the Alliance Hotel brought tasty morsels for everyone to relax into networking for the following 30minutes.

Time was called for Mark D Nicholls, our guest speaker to step forward with generosity and grace to give of his knowledge and educate all present with further insights into the structure of Wealth Spectrum.

Mark is passionate about business, and even more passionate about smart business. Mark understands business in an information based economy and the technological, cultural and organizational impacts this is having on business, on individuals, and on enterprises and industries.

His web site www.informpros.com will bring to light his creative and innovative techniques which have seen businesses nationally and internationally soar.

After spending time at Vision Villas in Bali over the past month, it was illuminating listening to his insights on the Wealth Spectrum which is the next step forward in value adding peoples’ growth as Social Entrepreneurs.

Mark referred to life and business as being the orchestra of our creation.

Our rhythm will attract people into our flow. As we engage and begin working with others we are able to conquer our personal challenges while being self-disciplined in learning our tools of trade.

When we harmonise our instruments and play in tune our life begins to take on an ambience and hue of creative endless opportunities.

Annemaree Cotterell our WWW Ambassador completed the cycle of the Declaration of Interdependance as she opened to members the opportunity to be a part of the decision process of choosing the Cause of Choice for XL Nation Brisbane Circle.

Owning the value of giving back, choices will be made through a democratic forum and a decision formulated for our December meeting.

And so into the rain we ventured as we all made our way home, til we meet again on December, 3rd, 2009.

Big thanks to the Circle Leaders for diligence of purpose in creating Wealth Networks which mirrored internal values from external events.
Values were leveraged as the character of the individual showed the passion of purpose through the outpouring of knowledge and wisdom.

Circle Leader - Charles Buffet; Circle Guardian – Margaret Wilmink; Circle Scout – Kate Osborne; Circle Guide – David Waden; Circle Treasurer – Graham Donnelly; Circle Ambassador – Annemaree Cotterill; Circle Reporter – Tetka Rhu

Until next time, this is Tetka Rhu – Brisbane Circle Reporter

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