Tuesday, November 10, 2009

SP - CREATING NEW WEALTH - XL Nation Brisbane Circle Meeting

Unexpected outcomes occur
When we set the intention of building trust
To create and co-create with each other.

Boundaries lifted as we explored options available
To open the well of creative action.

The renewable force of regeneration then lifts us above the mundane
To traipse a fire blazing trail

Sensory perceptions of the evening ahead filled my awareness with Light of something incredibly special happening around our meeting in “Creating New Wealth” on September 3rd, 2009.
Synergies of co-operation began with the setting up and the feeling of “Knowing where we are going and what we are here to do”

Vibrations began to form as the Wine bar of The Alliance Hotel, 320 Boundary Street, Spring Hill filled with music.
The vital essence of fun and joy formed as 30 people participated in what was an auspicious time in the building of the intention of Brisbane Circle to be the largest contributing circle to World Wide Wealth per quarter in XL Nation.

People’s prosperity consciousness was raised through the inspiration of the Circle Leaders.

The declaration of Interdependence is always a point of reflection in the structure and format of the evening’s activities. Margaret Wilmink our Circle Guardian led the way with the spirit of acceptance of the journey ahead.

Charles Buffet our Circle Leader brought to our attention the Social Consciousness of Linda and Bill Gates in identifying the purpose of education in lifting people out of poverty while valuing the human promise that all life has equal value, while the reference to Warren Buffett’s spirit that “nothing important will ever be accomplished by making small decisions” challenged people to look within their mindset to be the best they can be.

Points of reference set in place, it was my pleasure to share incredibly inspiring stories which I became aware of as I edited nominations for XL Global Awards.
Ordinary people living eXtraordinary Lives showed me through this process the possibility of attending to our mission with care and diligence when we open ourselves to the vision of something bigger than ourselves.

Social Entrepreneurship through living the spirit of effective giving was mirrored to each person in the room as the possibility that everything is possible if we choose to step beyond limited boundaries.

It was my delight to share three people’s stories as being examples of exemplary journeys of initiation into a life of service to their higher purpose.

Ghani Kunto is a leader today through having courage to follow a path lit by other XL members.
At age 24, he made a conscious decision to stop wasting his youth on chasing money and now at age 27 he is instrumental in building life changes for many people in Indonesia.

His company has created a financial literacy and entrepreneurship education for students ranging from kids in primary school to university students. Some of the students are now business owners, their businesses ranging from importing candy, to opening a cupcake store, to an online handicraft store, to a social-awareness merchandise store. They also hold an annual national student entrepreneurship award.

A man of action Ghani hosts a weekly television talk show called Beyond Profits. Social entrepreneurship through educating people is his passion. Add to the mix a nightly talk show on radio called D’Inspiration and you realise his energy and drive loves spreading the word of a new paradigm of living.

Hattie Hasan from United Kingdom has taken her empowered vision of Genuine Power Solutions in bringing solar electricity and hot water to businesses in Gibraltar, where there are currently no solar installations despite the fact they get 6-8hrs usable sunlight per day.

As part of her formula and strategy for eco awareness she is instrumental in creating EDIT, which is a technology aiming to stream live events across the world in an affordable and accessible way, meaning global audiences can be reached without the carbon footprint of global travel.

Hattie’s plumbing roots in the UK plus her valuable knowledge in communication and technology has brought about the creation of Word of Mouth - Online; a service bringing trust back into the construction industry, while at the same time she is spearheading a national campaign to raise the profile of manual trades as a real option for school leavers to bring the reputation of that industry back up to where it belongs.

Tamami Ushiki is a woman on a mission.
Her journey through XL Nation has formed valuable alliances to support her with the quest to encourage Ordinary people to live eXtraordinary Lives.
Her “Lord” Wealth Dynamics profile saw the potential of spreading energy flow though communities in understanding, accepting and working with their profile into being creative and productive people living a greater purpose for the vision of World Wide Wealth in 2020.

Tamami’s dynamic personality began the process through the potential and opportunity to introduce Wealth Dynamics in Japan.
In April 2009, she translated, published and promoted “Your Life Your Legacy Book 1” in Japan and it ranked No1 in Amazon rankings and stayed in the Best 10 for a week.
Japanese translation of Your Life, Your Legacy saw the need for the book to be divided in Book 1 and 2.

Stepping onto the stage Leo Petrik our “Star” guest speaker who is globally known as Mr. Networking asked probing questions to identify what category of networking fits our criteria for effectively utilizing the skills and services available at our fingertips in building Circles of Trust.

Leo referred to the 1 degree shift in our attitudes and way of doing things to begin the ball rolling for massive results. Subtly, he allowed the journey of questioning to set up cycles of repair in moving from old paradigms of business co-operation to putting forward the reality that all great business is built on a foundation of a collective intelligence.

Trust was the word that kept coming to the fore as he explored the validity of building trusted relationships in moving beyond fear limitations of money.
Respect and commitment to form foundations of Social Entrepreneurship revealed when people share a common goal through Trust, achievement of what appears an elusive dream can fast become a shared happening.

Kate Osborne, Brisbane Circle Scout educated people through the formula of “where money comes from and where money goes”. The steps set forward provided clarity of action in 5 areas of business tested and measured daily.
Conversion rates and margins brought a conscious movement to take action in evaluating costs on spending, delivery and distribution in strategically positioning business in areas of expected growth.

Annemaree Cotterill our Circle WWW Ambassador’s innovative formulation of Wealth Dynamics and Wealth Spectrum co-related with the essence of effective giving through lighting another’s flame and leveraging their value as the way forward in monetising through the gift of giving and receiving.

In connecting to Causes, the eXtraordinary interdependence of “you care/they care” links the Love and Money Matrix in a vortex of incredible results for all who participate to blend the mix for fruitful outcomes in moving forward in achieving the viable vision for World Wide Wealth.

Graham Donnelly our treasurer then stepped up to validate the financial status of Brisbane Circle and excited everybody in the room in referring back to Kate’s’ education section in the amazing growth and possibilities for our future through the actions and reactions of active participants in fulfilling the mission of their choice.

A big thanks to the Circle Leaders for creating an awesome vehicle for each person to show UP, Step UP and Give back.

Circle Leader - Charles Buffet; Circle Guardian – Margaret Wilmink; Circle Scout – Kate Osborne; Circle Guide – OPEN; Circle Treasurer – Graham Donnelly; Circle Ambassador – Annemaree Cotterill; Circle Reporter – Tetka Rhu

Until next time, this is Tetka Rhu – Brisbane Circle Reporter

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