Tuesday, November 10, 2009

SP Together we WILL achieve MORE

The lights are turned on
When all who are present
Honour the spirit of the gathering

Renewal of support gathers a momentum
To surrender to the security
Of together we WILL achieve more.

Tuesday morning 9am London time 22nd September, 2009 saw the gathering of XL Nation eXtraordinary Women of the World Circle on a global conference call.

The theme for the meeting was Clarity of Purpose of the Circle and how each woman can support another in the time frames between the global connections.

Bea Benkova our Circle Leader is committed to opening to ideas from every woman to step up and share inspiring stories which will naturally create themes for our meetings.
Her decision to formulate a discussion for the Circle members to vote on the Cause of Choice will be released in XL World.

The result of the vote will then decide who will receive the contributions which are created through the tenacity of our group to make a difference.

Giving back is a core fundamental value of www.xlnation.org

The focus of the cause will be for women in lower socio economic societies to be valued and educated in the integrity of creating a better lifestyle for themselves and their families.

Kay Westmoreland our Circle Treasurer stated with passion the value of supporting eXtraordinary women of the World Circle in solving challenges they may be facing in any one moment whether it be personal or business based.

This idea was met with a sense of gratitude as we valued the gift of acceptance that we are not alone. It is up to the individual to value their worth in opening to receive the greatness of “together we WILL achieve more”.

Aligning to the spirit of feminine consciousness it was exciting to hear women talk of how Vibrational elixirs have supported their personal growth in bringing them to their internal rhythm. I was delighted to be able to share how the energy of wearing a piece of opal jewellery will magnify our energies and in that we naturally attract people to us who are on same wavelength of thought and purpose.

Velody our deputy reporter is writing amazing melodies as she is inspired throughout the meetings agendas. The first song written is now available for Circle members to listen to on www.xlworld.org. Tetka’s Artwork will compliment the sound of Velody’s music while the marketing will be a process of action within the group as we move forward through themes and inspiring stories of members.
Sales of CD’s will be available at the end of the 12month cycle as Velody and Tetka effectively give back to the Cause of the Circle.

Responsibility to grow our learning in becoming eXtraordinary Social Entrepreneurs as we harness the vision of XL Nation 20/20 Vision for World Wide Wealth is paramount in forming positive evolving relationships with each other.

Leading the way by example Bea has inspired women to become Citizens of XL Nation with the express purpose of connecting to others of like mind and equally with Wealth Dynamic Profiles which will give extra value to the blossoming growth of individual businesses.

As I reflect on the evening and my own journey in XL Nation I categorically know that unless we step up and take action on a personal level, even if it is only through posting our ideas and generosity of thought on our Circle site, we cannot expect to be embraced with the spirit of networking which is so readily available.

My great learning throughout my life is “Communication is the first key to building relationships” and if you want change, then it is important to change our attitude.
Taking this on board in stepping up as Circle Reporter I am now graced with the bounty of receiving as I effectively give back.

eXtraordinary Women of the World Circle Leaders invite you to email, message or post on their personal websites so that to-gether we WILL make a difference.

Remember; “If it is going to BE, it is up to Me”

until next time, this is Tetka Rhu – XL Nation eXtraordinary Women of the World Circle Reporter

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