Saturday, December 26, 2009

Is Your Soul ignited with your Passion of Purpose?

Are you still living in the paradigm of others' expectations?

I fought the idea of expressing myself as an artist for many years as I had held onto the belief system that artists do not make a decent living.

Interestingly enough, 2009 brought many life changes which took me to a place of connecting to my dreams and actually living them.
When asked the million $ question, "What would I do if I had all the money in the world and didn't have to work?" the answer sprang forth.....Paint and Write, I am holding so much knowledge and awareness within, I have to get it out.

Well then, why aren't you? I was questioned.

Good old fear of being rejected was my response.
Okay next step, Heal that aspect through myself, so I set about by bringing forward Goddess of Acceptance, living her vibration, breathing the energy into my body until I totally got that everything is simply as it IS.

Next step was identifying my niche..... the acceptance of feminine consciousness within ourselves to ignite our SOULS to live the passion of our purpose.

So then the procedure continued.....what is the best way to share my gifts with as many people as possible.....task identified, action plan began.

Nothing but nothing is outside of ourselves, if we let others or outside reference points dictate our circumstance we will always be held down in the vice of slavery.

Today, I celebrate the gift of liberation within myself as I OWN my power of being a Spiritual Being having a Human experience.

I am revelling in co-operation with others of like mind as we begin the evolving process of collaboration, unity then becomes a normal practice.

To accept that there is abundance for everyone and really feel those words resonating as an actual reality in my physical life moves me from taking on responsibility for others well being, yet walking equally together as we totally understand and value that we are all accountable for our words, thoughts and deeds.

So back to the beginnining which creates an ever revolving doorway of moment by moment inspiration of thought and feeling to canvass and paper.

Believing in self is the co-operative link between our spirit and our body which acclaims the step by step movement to Be the greatness that we all hold within.

SOUL Ignition is the forerunner of my greatness and as such my path is lit with joy and abundance as everything simply IS as it IS.

Are you ready to OWN your UNIQUE greatness??

Interestingly enough it has been art and the expression of my inner awareness and knowledge which has seen the most amazing shifts of my reality and attitudes.

I know the power of what I do, which initially stemmed from bringing through the spirit of a young girl who was tragically taken from our world 9yrs ago.

Diligently framing the work of art, I presented it to this family back then and to this day, where it hangs is the only place where some semblance of peace is gathered into is a pretty cool thing for me to know that we artists and writers have so much power to change subliminally an environment and therefore owe it to ourselves to get off our backsides and make a difference in our world through our incredible gift of storytelling through creative expression.

Just recently I had a lady write to tell me she saw one of my Goddess's in a near death experience. Again, super validation of the power of the gift we artists have.

Am I an activists for people to get off their backside and stop focusing on outside influences...You betcha.....

Life is for living and we hold everything within us...
Yes I am totally passionate. because I believe in people. More importantly I believe in the power of people when joining together can achieve massive results.

Yet at the end of the day each individual must stand and own their space as each pperson is INCREDIBLE....

and why do I know people are generally living through other peoples' expectation eg family...because I recognised in 2009 as part of my transformation that was me.....healing definitely was on the it is very cool to have the confidence to be me.....

and so I could go on and on...

Until next time

Tetka Rhu - Artist/Author
Twitter: @tetka