Tuesday, May 31, 2011

TetkaART holds Magnetic Attraction


Now this is interesting, as most people hang TetkaArt in their environment for beauty and do not consider the energy that it is magnetically beaming into your environment.
The reflection of the Art in your home or business shows people whether consciously or subconsciously the very nature and essence of the person or people within that environment.
Entrpreneurs I have found really love the feel of Abstract and Impressionism Art with big bold splashes of colour, while people who hold traditional patterns in the way they operate normally surround themselves with Nature Art.

The magnetism of energy that oozes from a inanimate objet d'art is profound once you are aware of what you surround yourself with.
Curiously, if you change the style of Art in your home or office, you will begin to see subtle variations of energy coming to play in your lifestyle.

Equally moving a work of Art from one place to another in your home or business will see dramatic movement of flow.
Look forward to your observations about the Art you surround yourself with.
Tetka Rhu - Goddess of Spirituality

Monday, May 30, 2011

Power of Truth in Action

Tetka Rhu - Artist and Author
White Light Healing is a must for Earth coming into 2012

The Power of Truth in Action

I have written a book called "Way of the Sacred Spirit" and in this moment it feels a must to share the below as a result of the devastation experienced on the Earth at this time.

Author: Tetka Rhu - Way of the Sacred Spirit

The power of White light has been known for centuries as holding the most electrifying energy for cutting through. 
If I have to define this statement in my mind's eye it is much like a laser cutting through glass. 

White light energy carries all colours much like a prism within its force field.

When we use this ancient wisdom as a healing agent, incredible adjustments are made within our psyche whether it is through the magnetic field of our physical, psychic, emotional or mental states of awareness. 
Our bodies take this light to exactly where it is required in any one moment when we ask for a specific task to be undertaken.

Let's say you find you no-one isrself in a situation, which appears to be a stalemate, noting that either right or wrong, the energy is simply out of alignment. 
I have found through the simple act of breathing white light into my base chakra or energy point which represents the earth and then breathing the white light from your base chakra to the situation for a count of 6 a solution will simply arise from seemingly nowhere.

Keep repeating the process until you naturally let it go or are not thinking about it anymore.

If a situation is mind or heart related do the same breathing process to the situation in hand for an outcome to occur. 

Please note it may not be how you expect, however it will always be the best for all concerned. 

Artist: Alex Rodrigues - Romantic Dinner

If you want a relationship which is fulfilling, lasting and successful whether it is personal or business, be aware that our emotional body of consciousness is held in our solar plexus, so the pattern of breathing white light is into your solar plexus and back out to the idea you wish to experience.

The power of white light is charismatic in its application as real time results happen. 

The pull and sway of the energy aligns vibrations at the speed of light. 

The process will leave an imprint on your memory for you to draw from in times when you require this most amazing healing power.

The ancient art of white light healing has been known to man for centuries, yet we tend to complicate things by making unnecessary rules and activations in order for people to think they have to have permission to use this template which is held within our knowledge bank.

Life is simple and fun when we allow abundance to flow from our inner heritage.

Artist: Tetka Rhu - Goddess of Fulfilment

Always have the best intention in your heart and watch your life become magical.


One without the other is nothing.................

Tetka Rhu - Goddess of Spirituality

Twitter: @tetka

The Way of the Sacred Spirit is now made known as we embrace 2012

Tetka Rhu - Artist and Author
ART of Being

Many people on the earth have been given the responsibility and journey to guide, heal, and teach through the Laws of Wisdom, the Laws of Charity, the Laws of Abundance under the auspices of the Laws of the Cosmos.

Way of the Sacred Spirit - AUTHOR: Tetka Rhu

Listening to my inner wisdom for inspiration I hear:

Yours is not a journey through the way of Text books.

Yours is the Way of the Inner Light, the Way of the Sacred Spirit.
The beings who co-habit the Earth will be your Teacher when you are ready to listen.

The end of your time will result in an achievement not many will dare to undertake, as you must tread in darkness, must face all your fears, must co-join with others on the same wavelength of thought in order to be in the fullness of the motion of Cosmic thought.

Snake will be your talisman as you traverse this roadway to overcome as snake changes negativity to positivity and are the carrier of the earth’s rhythm.

The warning being: in order to overcome it is imperative that you fully comprehend the Way of the Earth, accept it within you and enjoy its luxuries without justifying or explaining your pleasures with guilt.

This is when Balance will be obtained

And thus it was written back in 1995

And NOW, it IS for all those who have accepted The Way of the Sacred Spirit.

And so now we come to the Universal Bank of Intelligence which is the master co-operative for manifestation of your thoughts and desires on the earth.

Faces from Places - ARTIST: Alex Rodrigues

Each person has their own way to come back to balance in order to forge all links of their creation of intelligence held within the Universal Bank.

Curiously enough, when you respect others without judgment who are in your Circles of Trust (note, I said CIRCLES of Trust) the links become stronger and stronger for what I call *Zen consciousness to be the apparition of your truth on the earth.

At this stage we will begin to see Universal Harmony take action as she has observed and tolerated obscure destructive forces alienate many from their rightful heritage.

She is the mastermind of Creation who has subtly been working in the background to change the status quo of imbalance of proprietary notions on the earth.

The simple equation to Universal Harmony and the actions we are able to take to support this great energy are aligning many to step forward and value their worth as they accept their uniqueness for earth to move beyond the polarity of negative and positive transparency into the validity of the Light Being she once was.

Are you ready to step over your self-enforced line of complacency and become a valuable participant in this incredible time in our history?

Your companions of destiny await you,

Do you dare?

Alleviations of all your problems will disappear as you appreciate the wisdom which lies within

Come little one; take our hands as we lead you not astray.

Merge with the blooms that flower in the gardens of many

As all is now revealed.

written by Tetka Rhu Goddess of Spirituality

Twitter: @goddessoS

Skype: tetkarhu

*Zen Consciousness in my mind literally means being of One Heart, One Mind, One Will within the divine framework of our inner essence for instant manifestation of our supernatural flow to be apparent in our life.
Tetka Rhu

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Welcome in the Spiritual Age 2012

Tetka Rhu - Artist and Author
Welcome in the Spiritual Age 2012

Be prepared for 2012

Are you in a Circle of Trust, be it business or personal environment?
Are you reacting to any given moment from limiting behaviour perspectives?

Goddess of Acceptance of Ourself - ARTIST: Tetka Rhu

I can literally say to you, that facing your mirror of truth is not the easiest thing to do as it will put you right into a hornet’s nest for the road to recovering YOUR spirit.

For mankind to link with Companions of Destiny as written in the annals of the scriptures held within the think tank of Ancient Wisdom, it is absolutely critical to identify and experience this chapter for true co-operation to be observed as the ritual of play on the earth.

Angel Wings of Gold - ARTIST: Alex Rodrigues

Curiously enough, I am guided to words I wrote back in 1995 about my journey which I will now speak to those who are ready to hear.

I was asking about Soul Growth to BE in my Universal Bank of Intelligence, and so I wrote:

Nothing is ever stationary although it appears to be.

The swell of movement is forever happening bringing to the surface miracles of the moment, “luck” that is supercharged to change our lives.
The magic of the unknown, seemingly coming from nowhere, known by a few as Cosmic Magicians is created through individual thought.
Memories are released one by one whereby that swell of movement merges with ALL motion, ALL creation to form ONE will.

Seemingly easy and yet why does it take millennia for Group Consciousness to come full circle?

What an interesting question

What is the answer derived from my perspective?

It is all a matter of perception, a matter of attitude.

My understanding is that through the decades there have been created a Group Soul Consciousness who have ruled and sustained their Power base through Manipulation.

Mmm, I thought, define Manipulation, fancy words what do they mean?

For me as I was laying on the table of renewal on the Planet Saturn (the overseer of mankind’s evolutionary growth) I began to see things in a metaphorical sense as the Golden White threads of Light which connects us to our stream of Cosmic intellect and opens us to the network of ALL was cut off by warring factions.

My senses seethed.

How dare they, what right have they?

My anger was incensed.
Right was on my side, or so I thought as after all I was gently reminded, what is right, what is wrong.

So in came the thought, back to perception.

What an odd feeling, lying on the table justifying right and wrong when all I wanted to do was take these creeps on.

Now is not the time, warned a small voice, the voice of my sub-conscious.

There is much learning to be done.

The Earth Plane will bring you the discipline of your ego, as you have a tendency to fight for any cause that comes your way.

Your spirit will guide you not astray as you begin to understand through your Earth sojourn that each Soul who returns to the Earth is being given the gift of Reclaiming their Power.

And so to the Time frame of 2012 we come where the Spiritual Age will be the over-riding influence which will take mankind on a journey of liberation to know Peace, Love and Harmony as the natural wave of being.

written by: Tetka Rhu - Goddess of Spirituality

Twitter: @tetka
Twitter: @goddessoS

Skype: tetkarhu

You are never Alone... The Power of the Goddess

Tetka Rhu - Artist and Author
The Power of the Feminine 2012

You are never alone

The Universal bonds of Alliance have formed in the creation of Companions for your destiny to be lived.

The Universal whispers take you into the order of creation

For you to know yourself with others.

The Universal Bank of Intelligence brings the links of all thoughts into a movement and flow

for Universal Harmony to be experienced.

Reflecting on the nuances of time I absorb the intelligence of my forebears.

who have come to edify their interpretation of Divine Will in action on the earth.

   Goddess of Birth - ARTIST: Tetka Rhu

“No more alone”, they whisper, “as you have traipsed the annals of time exploring all your limitations and boundaries in order to be set free for the benefit of ALL”.

“It is to this time we come”, they say, “As we open you to new territory not known to many before. 
The sages of old have also joined the throng as they view the visionary hierarchy set to play in this time we now know”.

The energies for the links of co-operation are here to set mankind free of the bonds of slavery that were set in place way before Roman times even existed.

Universal wisdom is a great gift to carry and yet with it comes many plagiarisms of what is known in the ethers.

We know the beauty of grace which surrounds many with the light of their creation.
And so to this moment we merge the influences of this chapter of time into the brilliance of a bright new dawn for all who carry the light of this wisdom.

My first thoughts as I reflect on the Goddess of Birth who is the carrier of this message comes back to hearing many speak of “weak links” in any partnership or organisation.

Little do they realise that this propulsion of thought actually creates a “weak link” between the proposed notion, plan or goal to be attained.

In any moment, being accountable for our thoughts, words and deeds is crucial as the belly of those creations actually sets precedence for reality to occur.

When you accept and recognise that each player in your game is an integral link to the whole and that each person carries a different way of doing things will we see valuable contribution for any one situation to “magically” arrive in the tangible link of receiving back for the evolvement and growth of all concerned?

The question is:

Do you ever take time and really listen to another person’s perspective?


Is that person’s perspective the correct way of doing things?

The wisdom of the Ancients have shown on many occasions, there is no right, there is no wrong, everything comes back to the PURE intention all the people involved.

Therefore the Universal bonds of Alliance set you free to discover within your spirit, your will, your focus, your determination to move from ego based perceptions derived from conditioned upbringing.

ALL will be revealed as you are ready to receive.

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Skype: tetkarhu

Magic is everywhere through Earth's ART

Tetka Rhu - Artist and Author
Earth's Magic

Birthing of a New Dawn

In every moment, Earth holds the Magic of new beginnings as we celebrate the gifts she offers us.
Open your eyes and behold the wonder of your surroundings.
ART is the creation of the beholder of that magic as TetkaArt celebrates you in the change you are now birthing.

Sentries posted, the new day is dawned.
Guarding the post is the duty of the night.
Changing of the Guard, the alert has been sounded, the siren ringing in my ears.
Attention, standing to attention I face the Rising Sun, my duties complete.

   Earth Power - Artist: Tetka Rhu

I honour the East, aware, ever aware.

Turning I face the West, the wind in my Hair,
the horizon shaded I face the South.
Stepping forward, I salute my brothers and sisters of Earth, Sea, Sky and Wind.
My tour, my shift nearly done.
About face I turn.
Vigilant, ever vigilant
The sun rising, the mountain clear I turn to the north.
Planes fly overhead, Its okay, they're friendly
I sigh as I release an explosion of sound.
Repressed, repressed through the long night air
I have overcome, 

I have succeeded until another day, until another day.

Ahhhh Springtime - Artist: Alex Rodrigues

Tetka Rhu - Goddess of Spirituality

Web: www.tetkaart.com
Web: www.goddessofspirituality.com
Twitter: @tetka

Money makes the World Go Round

Manifesting through storytelling is a gift from the ancients.
Taking this art into the world of reality I see a form shape where the winds of chance are now co-operating with the Laws of Nature for mankind to know themselves through respect of their inner worth

Money makes the World go Round - Living in the New Paradigm of 2012 NOW

As I ponder the title Money makes the World go Round my sense of humor is tickled into being, then the serious side of me says,
this is a deep and serious subject.

Phooey says my humorous aspect, “Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone”.

   Goddess of Money - Artist: Tetka Rhu

“Fascinating”, says my serious nature, “Money is all about Responsibility and Accountability, Leveraging and Duplicatable Resources.

Oh this is just too hard, I think as I throw my hands in the air.

I suddenly catch a glimpse of a carousel going round and round, music sounding, laughter tinkling through the air, people coming and going enjoying the ride.

Ah, therein is an answer.
The ride of life is to enjoy the thrill of the adventure, to play in fields which nourish and enrich our lives, to invest time in ourself while equally taking time to nourish ourself.
The words, the hills are alive with the sound of music comes through the airwaves as laughter and dancing to our own rhythm seeks to find a home in people who feel “little and helpless” through living like puppets on a string.

Blending with the synergies of the moment, I am ever amazed at the miracles of life as we build relationships with all aspects of ourself.

Have you ever considered that you have a relationship with money?

The question begs, what are the rules of your relationship with money?

Does money support your values and as such do you take away the boundaries and rules?

Does money challenge or threaten your values and therefore the stringency or a tight fisted game comes into play?

Have you considered the fact that knowing your values will assist you in mastering the art of communication and building your relationship with money?

And so the carousel ride continues round and round, until it’s time to jump off and participate in the fairgrounds activities.

Fairy floss and hotdogs are the perennial foods lined up for enjoyment.

Wait, what is that I see?

There, tucked in a corner is a gypsy’s tent with “fortunes told” displayed crookedly on the flapping doorway of the tent.

Are you game to take a risk and hear the mysteries revealed which have been held in the darkness of your sub-conscious
says a little voice in the far recesses of my mind?

I take a chance as money is exchanged, the law of the earth now satisfied, I receive.

Tetka Rhu - Goddess of Spirituality

Twitter: http://twitter.com/tetka