Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Life is all about growth,
Life is all about movement for flow to Be
Feel the energy of life as you join with others of like mind
to expand into the fullness of your purpose.

Exhilarated, I search beyond memories,
letting go, I flow
energies interact
I go beyond

Feeling, I feel
strangely excited
my body is loose
as I play,
I toy with life
honouring my intent
I expand, I expand
into the fullness of all that I AM.

Joyfully I receive new life
I experience a rush,
a rush of adrenaline
through the bloodstream of my temple.

Letting go,
all as ONE,
New, Old, Young, Grown
all as ONE
learning, co-creating

Joyfully receiving
the bond of feeling

expanding, expansiveness
my chest fills with love
as I experience
Fellowship, truth and honour

Knowing, full well knowing
a pattern is set, now it is formed
so it IS
so it will always BE.

Author: Tetka Rhu - Goddess of Spirituality

Wooooo... HOLD on for the RIDE - I DECLARE WORLD PEACE

Tetka Rhu Artist/Author

Extending, Pushing, beyond barriers
The Pain intensifies
The body feels weak
Wanting to give UP

No, No, screams a voice inside
Spirit, Spirit sighs the wind
as I move through the currents that have formed

Battle, battle no more
chortled the little animals of the forest floor.

Welcome the Earth, Welcome the Earth
as you open to your Kundalini
Your vibration of truth
your earth Power Journey

Welcome the Earth
and honor the battle
that has receded
that is no more.

Stay in your strength
opening to new thoughts
elevating your truth

until pain no longer IS

celebrations, CELEBRATE

The birth of a new life
the birth of a new day
the Battle is no more, is no more

AUTHOR: Tetka Rhu - Goddess of Spirituality

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Many people walk away as soon as the word Goddess is used as they have in their perceived awareness that the Goddess is some witchy poo "stuff".

The interesting thing is the Goddess is a natural aspect within our psyche walking hand in hand with our God aspect -female/male energy - for balance to be.
Also, everything within ourself is without.

The Goddess is the forming principle of passive energy in motion for waves of motion to happen for people to take action accordingly.

Another way of looking at the Goddess/God energy is co-relating it with the Moon/Sun energy.

The Moon/Goddess is energy is all about tides and rhythms, while Sun/God is about renewal, regeneration, action, again we get back to balance.

As the Goddess/intuitive in most people is feared, I have been blessed to bring forward Goddess Prayers which are so powerful in the healing and empowerment process of peoples' lives.

These prayers are currently available in book form through "OWN YOUR POWER" Goddess Book of Prayers.

I really encourage people to engage with the Goddess through the energy alignments of the varying Goddess archetypes in this book of prayers as they are literally changing peoples' lives.

OWN YOUR POWER - Goddess Book of Prayers

Test the waters for yourself.
Be empowered take action and get committed in total acceptance of YOU.
I am sharing one prayer - which is the archetype of acceptance of ourself for you to begin the journey of living your life in your truth.

This prayer aligns the energies of our dreams into the great Wheel of Time manifesting our goals quickly, easily and effectively.
To be said 9 times in ALL for 9 days in a row

Dear Goddess through the fire of my light
I acquiesce to the outcome of my desires
as I transcend the barriers that have been 
before me in this moment in time.

I acknowledge the vibrancy of my Goddess
that burns within as I flow
with the remembrance of my seed of glory.

Through the sands of time I activate
through the belly of my existence
the prerequisites that form
the outcome of my creation.

I honor the earth as she materialises
my dreams into my physical life.

I understand through the etheric template of wisdom
whereby the Goddess forms her alliance with the Gods of Creation
that in this moment all will be brought into balance
through the template of reason
whilst forming the grids that will create the outcome
with the Og Min the grid masters
who oversee the vibrations of alliance between
All that IS.

During this time I forth with acknowledge
my greatness as I ask and accept
that the natural law of alliance
between the Gods and Goddess’s of all creation
will be brought into play.

As it IS, so It IS.


Author: Tetka Rhu - Goddess of Spirituality


Monday, June 27, 2011



Tree of Sensuality - ARTIST: Tetka Rhu

Snake from your slumber you stir,
abruptly awoken.
Passivity no longer the blanket
of your covering.
Active is the fire
as it co-erces you from your sleep.

Not knowing, not caring what has stirred you,
you writhe in pain.

Unused to activity
you seek to know it's source.
Upward, upward you spiral
unloosening the knots of apprehension
that lay deep within your psyche.

Snake of the Earth
Power within,
Kundalini Power, Serpent Fire of Creation
your Joy unfounded
as you fully awaken to the possibilities that lay before you,
opening to the opportunity
of your potential.

Snake, holder of my dreams
seek within the answer
as you search the Caves of my truth.

Understanding the awakening 
the opening to spirit
as you re-create your journeying
through the ethers of your memory
to the Physical reality
of ONE who dares to seek
that that has been hidden for far too long now past.

Author: Tetka Rhu - Goddess of Spirituality

Sunday, June 26, 2011


SOUL Ignition is my story set to inspire you to be absolute "comfy" being you.
The balance between all worlds has opened many people up to the gift of receiving their natural born heritage.
Look forward to you connecting to me through Social Media, Email or phone

The Key to OUR Destiny BOOK

Inspiration comes from many sources, yet when we listen to our inner advice our lives are liberated into a force of energy which will take YOUR breath away with excitement, passion and motivation which you will not have experienced before. 

SOUL Ignition will unlock many memories from within yourself and equally give you permission to be "comfy" being who you are born to be. 

FUN is the order of the day as we allow the innocence of our little child within to play. Smile from the inside as you remember the good times of allowing everything to simply "happen". 


Life will always take us on intriguiing journeys in order to align to our Original blueprint. It is through these experiences which we come to terms with our unique value one to the other. 

Are you operating your life from the place of what others expect of you? 

SOUL Ignition has come into your life to forge a path of alliances "as above, so below" for you to REMEMBER who you are. 

The new paradigm of being is co-operation and collaboration with those people who align to their own rhythm. Education on every single level of consciousness is the forerunner of liberation to live your dream. 

Unity through acceptance of each other brings massive organic support, thereby aligning our spirit with our earth SOUL. 

Enjoy every moment of your SOUL Ignition. 

Chapters found within SOUL Ignition: 

1. Adam and Eve – Do YOU remember? Page 8 
2. Look at Me, Birthing a new cycle Page 12 
3. Artistry of Creation Page 29 
4. Success IS You Page 33 
5. A Cycle of Life Page 37 
6. Resurrection, Change and New Beginnings Page 43 
7. Knowledge, Power and Awareness Page 46 
8. Passion, Motivation Page 50 
9. Love, Joy, Freedom Page 53 
10. Strength, Courage, Intention Page 56 
11. The unending song of our Ancestors Page 63 
12. Prayer to the Goddess of Beginnings Page 67 
13. Effective Communication and Collaboration Page 69 
14. Prayer to the Goddess of Renewal Page 78 
15. Time IS of the Essence Page 80 
16. Integrity in Business Page 84 
17. Prayer to the Goddess of Attainment Page 88 
18. The Power of thoughts and the written word Page 90 
19. Creative Ideas Meditation Page 93 
20. Fruits of my Rewards Page 96 
21. Keep it Simple Page 99 
22. Gratitude for being YOU Page 105 
23. From the edge of a New Reality Page 108 
24. Universal Wisdom OPENS Your Universal Bank Page 112 
25. EarthBank Open Sesame Page 117 
26. Money Meditation Page 126 
27. Rainbow Serpent – Australia, Land of the Dreaming Page 129 
28. Your Self Empowerment Journey Page 132 
29. Relationship Meditation Page 135 
30. A story which reveals a SECRET Page 138 
31. We are SPIRITUAL beings Page 146 
32. Light and Love Page 151 
33. POWER – are YOU ready? Page 154 
34. Earth Power Meditation Page 159 
35. The final stages to Own YOUR Power Page 162 
36. Our Inner Truth Page 165 
37. Prayer to the Goddess Isis Page 167 
38. Journey of Unity Page 169 
39. Do YOU believe? – Destiny is calling Page 173 
40. Simple Daily Meditation Page 179 
41. The End and The Beginning Page181 
42. Testimonials Page184 

Author: Tetka Rhu 
Artist/Author/Creative Marketing Director 

What has brought Tetka to this stage of her life where she owns her ability to manifest her Creative Artist energy to be a force for people to “Own their Power”? 

Courage of Commitment to following a road less travelled and daring to beat with the rhythm of her own drum springs to her mind immediately as she revels in the Journey of her spirit which began Good Friday, 7th April, 1950 

Her passion of purpose to walk her talk has seen many diverse experiences lead to this moment. 

Growing up as the eldest of 6 children, Tetka found books to be a comfort and solace where the world of fantasy and dreamland were an escape from her daily life. 
Unbeknown to her this world would open her to seeking her quest for the Holy Grail. 
The University of Life has fanned into existence a variety of Careers culminating in a totally new journey through Fun, Travel and Art as a Social Entrepreneur in 2009. 

Today, Tetka magnifies her essence through Intention, Breath, and Focus on the intended result for movement to happen as a natural momentum through continual repetition of the process. 

This formula is breathing into many peoples' reality “Embrace Your Goddess” Contemporary Art, Art Prints, Clothing, Gift Cards to awaken the Giant within themselves and their environment. 

Super charging a powerful formula for INCREDIBLE lifestyle changes for everyone who participates in and engages in Embrace Your Goddess experiences be it One on One, Group Workshops or Seminars is NOW open for people to receive. 

Tetka's joy is unbounded when she recognises the value of bringing forward her SOUL Family to work in union and collaboration in achieving the vision of working WITH people in achieving personal dignity and harmony in their life. 

The value this brings moves in an ever expanding circle in Unity so that the multiplying effect happens where people of all cultures become part of the SOUL Family. 

Tetka embraces you into her life WHEN you are inspired to take action to “Own YOUR Power” in YOUR life. 

This is your time to flow on the great River of Life as YOU embrace your Giant within. 

with Much Love and Light 

PEACE, Harmony - Is it real for YOU .. I DECLARE WORLD PEACE

It's amazing how prose can light a memory to open the door for renewal.

Goddess of Renewal - ARTIST: Tetka Rhu

The Ray of Will
beams to you on High.

The brotherhood gather
encircling you,

Candles lit, flames burning
I feel a Passion for life
an ember I thought had died,
now resurrected.

A surge of brilliant Ornage and Red light
floods my beingness


I remember a time long ago.

A time when I would play with the Light,
when I would weave the colours into spun gold,
a time when all was perfection,
all was harmony
a time long ago.

The passage of life drifting by on a River,
I now find myself
re-emerging with the flame
as a moth I am drawn to its cents
I am come home,


Author: Tetka Rhu - Goddess of Spirituality

Saturday, June 25, 2011



Change is the only constant in life. 
Embrace the gift of change and allow new life to birth.

Goddess of Freedom Jewellery - ARTIST: Tetka Rhu*

I am moving through changes,
my feet tingle
as I tap a tune on the Rocks of Time.

Dancing, I re-unite with my former self
the ONE I haven't recognised
for years now hence.

Rejuvenated I move to a new melody
as I take a partner.
Swaying to the breeze
We laugh, we laugh still more.
Restrictions lifted
We are free to Be.

Light gathering in a ball of creation,
Explosions of magic fill the air.

Dreams materialising
We are joyful.
New plans now made bearing fruit,

Limitations now gone
new life to begin.

Author: Tetka Rhu - Goddess of Spirituality

Friday, June 24, 2011

Spirit of the Earth I DECLARE WORLD PEACE

Take the journey as you read, feel your spirit come alive as you remember, live the journey of your longings and welcome this new time frame into being.

I hold the Eagle's Feather
as I stand astride the hill,
I feel the drum beat
the sound my brothers make.

The call of the wild
the call of my home.

No more searching beyond and beyond.

I recognise my brothers,
Red, White, Black and Blue
as we honour the earth,
the mother of all creation.

The spirit within rejoices
The wind raises
blowing away that that no longer is.

The Spirit of the Earth
is the golden ball within my belly
as I pulse
to a new life beat
all is my home
welcoming me wherever I go.

Author: Tetka Rhu - Goddess of Spirituality