Sunday, July 31, 2011


The gift of nature offers an abundance of energy to evaluate and rebuild our lives through planting desires in the soil we have available.
Tetka Rhu - Goddess of Spirituality

#GOS TV - Worthy, Worthy, Worthy -I DECLARE WORLD PEACE

Its all up to you... when you get to a space of feeling worthy, then PEACE begins to truly take it's place in your life. Filling your environment with the energies of PEACE Art energetically supports you to OWN YOUR Power and be a player in our world for PEACE to be mankind's Reality.
Artist: Tetka Rhu

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Nature shares ..... I DECLARE WORLD PEACE

Gazing on the beauty of the rich green leaves
my eyes were caught in the hold
of the berries that shone in the fading daylight's sun.

The beauty, the power, the magic of Red
held my attention as I gazed through the lens of repair.

Seeking the best vantage point I captured in time
what the birds alight to with instincts intact.

Give of your essence Berries I quietly thought,
as the sun began to fall behind the hills.

A vision formed in front of my eyes 
of berry trees committing to be a food source 
for the native bird who inhabited the area.

So, you have a job to do? was my questioning thought.

The wind suddenly caught the leaves
and the rustle of the bush gave me it's answer.

Smiling, I moved on,
knowing that there is order in what appears to be a chaotic Universe.

AUTHOR: Tetka Rhu - Goddess of Spirituality

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Earth holds many teachers, the below was inspired by the action of monkeys, as in a meditative state I saw myself flying through the air content in ALL that I am, gathering to me their wisdom of the ages, pulsing with the life beat of the Gaia.

Wheel of Destiny: ARTIST - Tetka Rhu

The wheel of life is spinning
propelled forward
I am drawn into a vortex of motion

Moving, moving I extricate myself
from circumstances
over which I have no control

In the heat of the moment,
the fire in my belly
enlivens me to action


first I look one way, then another
lashing out
at those who come too close

I take no pain
as I allow no one to come near me
I let go a scream
of intent


I move into a space of freedom
I find myself now flying through the air


I declare my power
My time is "Now"
My intent to survive
I am Free.

Author: Tetka Rhu - Goddess of Spirituality

Monday, July 11, 2011

Wings of Security - I DECLARE WORLD PEACE

Wings of Security are here for those who have dared to walk the Path of the Soul

Goddess of Security: ARTIST - Tetka Rhu

Giving back we open our wings
to set ourselves Free

FREE from the restrictions and limitations
moving beyond mechanism

that others have placed on our lives.

In joyous release
we accept the cup of love
the cup of Freedom
the Cup of Joy
the eternal gift of divine love.

We celebrate the freedom of our spirit
as we create
a spiral vortex of energy
recognising at last
our journeys are forever within.

Liberating, freeing us
from the eternal slavery
of other's thoughts.

Celebrate, celebrations
as we honour the flow within us
as our feet 
begin to move
in a rhythm
of eternal grace.

We have found a way to express all that we are.

We have found a way of life.

Author: Tetka Rhu - Goddess of Spirituality


The gifts we open to receive from within the Earth Soul are here for people
to claim and acknowledge: I DECLARE WORLD PEACE

God of Action Archetype - ARTIST: Tetka Rhu

We kneel in prayer
our lands torn apart
for centuries now past,
when suddenly

out of the night sky
came a scurry of wings.
A hawk flew by
screeching it's message
for all who had ears to hear.

It's over
fightings stopped.
Time has come
to begin again,
the journey of rebuilding
the structure of our lives

time to celebrate

We stand
united as "One"
together we meditate
focused in thought
we give thanks

our bodies move
generated by a power beyond

we open our arms
in honour of the force
that moves all creation

we take our breath
that is the bringer of new dawns
we cut through
the bondage of the past.

The earth is giving to us
as we draw from
her bowels the energy of discernment,
we push away
that, that no longer serves.

Live os a metaphor
time to live the journey

we grasp that elusive thread of our beings
that has escaped us
for aeons now past.

We create a field of Light
as we expand our consciousness
drawing from the earth
that, that we need.

Author: Tetka Rhu - Goddess of Spirituality

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wave of Freedom... I DECLARE WORLD PEACE

Life is all about balance.
Be inspired as your soul has everything in hand.

Goddess of New Beginnings Artist: Tetka Rhu*

Tempt not ye the fates
that will yield ye free.
The past has been acquitted
driven from the memory bank
of the archives.

The white horses now find you astride
as you ride the wave of freedom.

Black and White
Yin and Yang
no longer apart.

The chariot is harnessed
the horses are a pair
your journey awaits thee.

Golden One of Light
Silver one of Love
Truth pulses through your frame
as you partake of new feasts,
The wonder of new lands
driven no more to succeed
you are successful.

Mind not the chatter
that filters to your ears,
as you are in a wave of frequency
where sound beats in your heart.

Blessed one of new growth
beam your light to a weary world
as the journeyings
of your ancestors await thee.

Charioteer of memory
the reins are in your hands
the wheels of motion
as order has been over-directed
from on high.

The galaxies align
as your memory bank is revitalised
as your yearnings
lift you above
the mainstream of regular flow.

Beat thy drum, oh Dear One, beat thy drum.

Author: Tetka Rhu - Goddess of Spirituality


Simple breathing exercises with intention have the power the change your life.

Goddess of Birth: Artist - Tetka Rhu

With your hands placed out in front of you and your palms facing upwards, breathe in the thought of the energy that is held within your star-gate for a count of 11 and breathe out all limiting behavioural beliefs.
It is important to note you don't have to consciously know what is in your Star-Gate as the thought will activate the energy.

Stay in this space for as long as you require.
Thought is your reality and will suffice for this exercise as noted above.

This is a giant key of manifestation into your physical reality what you have created through your night time sleep.
Your body through the breath will move through any fear patterns that have been holding you back, thus allowing life to take a more positive, healthy outlook on the Earth.
Simultaneously, stripping away any delusions either of grandeur or from the opposite polarity of not being good enough.

Your life can then quickly evolve into the pattern to which you were born, whilst creating the essence of peace and happiness, which will grow daily stronger from within as you strip away the veils of illusion through the simple act of breathing in your star-gate energy.

Star-gate is the key that will help your body remember and clear a pathway from heaven into your physical reality, which in essence is the beginning of the activation of Zen "as above so below", the eternal principle of your alignment to your Higher Self.

This exercise is further enhanced by breathing in the colour yellow as it activates you with your higher intelligence, therefore ultimately connecting you to the Metaphysical Masters who are the keeper of the metaphysical mysteries.

This then will help you acknowledge your POWER as you recognise that understanding and knowledge will support life, whilst ignorance will always keep you locked in the dark.

Author: Tetka Rhu - Goddess of Spirituality

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Journey of the Soul ... I DECLARE WORLD PEACE

Celebrate the journey of your Soul
as you welcome coming home to your centre.

Cup of Fulfilment ARTIST: Tetka Rhu

My mind never still
I wander from feast to feast
not knowing, not caring
what is for me.

Gathering ALL,
feasting on the tables of Kings and Queens
all through the realms.
My belly filled
I am not satisfied.


A centaur rides by
taking me to a plane
hidden in the ethers
a plane of total knowingness
a plane of being.

Welcome states the knight,
the Centurion of Wisdom,
Welcome to ALL.

Look within the blue ball
sitting in the square of time,
find your memory.

You will understand
that, that had been wrenched from you
by the masters of illusion,
taken for themselves
IS the essence of beingness.

Remember the day long ago
wrenched from you.
In a state of perspiration you fought
like a wild cat
to retain what was rightfully yours.


Enjoy the fruits of your rewards
as you engage 
on a new pathway.
A journey of Remembrance

as you re-connect
to ALL that you are,
as you align your purpose
to ONE most high.

as you remember the brotherhood of the ethers
as you connect
to the brotherhood of the Earth.

Dear Wizard of Old
walk among the stars
walk within the earth
to re-connect to your centre.

Author: Tetka Rhu - Goddess of Spirituality


No matter who you are, we all carry reference points within our psyche which open to the journey of living through our own rhythm

Goddess of Sexuality - ARTIST: Tetka Rhu

Truth is the ever pervasive brilliance that shines from within.
Too often many people are swayed from their own inner judgement as a result of other people appearing to have more knowledge awareness etc.

To be totally in the flow of movement, the accessibility of fire, the sure footedness of our self and the calmness of our mind we have to learn how to trust the truth we align to.
It is really important to note that each person has their own reference points to ascertaining their truth, however this exercise will bring your truth into bring really quickly, thereby allowing growth and certainty of who you are.

  • Sit in a quiet place that you find extremely comfortable, put some calming music on and ask permission through the Spirits of the Earth if you can link your consciousness to that of the Elephant consciousness.
  • If the answer is No, it is not Elephant saying No, it is your body that isn't ready for the journey.
  • If the answer is Yes, then ask elephant within you your inner truth.
Now he has some funny ways, so he may take you to the waterhole and splash you with mud, or he may squirt you with water.
Note that everything is symbolic and when you have finished he will take you back to where he found you and then walk away.

This is the beginning of the cycle where you begin to accept your truth and AWAKEN what works for you whether physically training, career, studying an art form or indeed your normal daily routine.

Much love in light
enjoy the way of Elephant through the Spirit of the Earth.

Tetka Rhu - Goddess of Spirituality


The myths through cultures carry the history of our memories.
Time has come for the memories to be activated for the power of your
Truth to be observed.

Dragon Power - ARTIST: Tetka Rhu

A smell, distant yet close,
familiar, yet unfamiliar drifts by.
One ear alert
Dragon sniffs the air,
knowing that to survive
is to be alert.

Sleepily releasing himself
from the slumber of the ages,
he knows an exertion of will
as he takes on the Armour
of the warrior,
toying, toying with the one
who dares invade his territory,

when suddenly
a howl tore loose,
letting go guttural sound of pain
his flesh torn apart
blood flowing.

He contains himself
draws into himself
as releases
a mighty explosion of movement,
no sound yet to emerge
as quietly, determinedly
he fights the one who dares to invade.

Knowing no fear,
he moves beyond limitation
regretting no more the years of inactivity
he swings from a great height
displaying his agility
he gathers the others
and extols no mercy.

The time has come for Dragon
as once more he faces
that, that he created,
no more fearing
the intrusions of those who don't belong.

Dragon, master of the Keep
now fully awake, fully aware
fire contained, fire retained
until it's time, until it's time.

Dragon no longer spent
fully aware'a Warrior of his truth,
no more a victim to the mercies of others.

DRagon fully realised in his potential 
in command of ALL that he purveys.

Dragon, Dragon, Dragon Power.

Author: Tetka Rhu - Goddess of Spirituality

Friday, July 8, 2011

Listening, Listening.. Believe.... I DECLARE WORLD PEACE

There is nothing to fear, except fear itself.
Listen to the wisdom of your inner-self and live in harmony with the earth.

Goddess of Acceptance of Self - ARTIST: Tetka Rhu

The Dragon of Legend 
is not your foe.

The fire within is not your enemy.

Time is not you Fiend.
The waters of life are the flow within.

Why is it you deny your essence?

You are all and more.
Believe the wind
as it whispers sweet nothings
in your ear.

Believe the antennae of your mind
as it relays the signals
of your truth,
as it receives that, that you need to hear.

Observe with steadiness
that all is righting itself
when you accept
the beauty and wonder
of all that you are.

Author: Tetka Rhu - Goddess of Spirituality

Thursday, July 7, 2011


The value of caring, the value of sharing is shown to us through many forms.
Let nature be your teacher and allow life to evolve.

Circle of Life Greeting Card - ARTIST: Tetka Rhu*

The dancing sunlight
beams to me memories from afar.

Jungle, jungle and more jungle,
my playground of delight,
friends of truth.

Wild animals roaming the forest floor
spending their time
teaching me their skills.

Whispers of the wind
opening me to the thoughts
within the earth.

Messages from afar
carried from treetop to treetop
within the bellies of the apes.

Sunlight dancing,
Thank you
for the retrieval of my memory,

No longer kept in the dark.

Author: Tetka Rhu - Goddess of Spirituality


The turntable of time evolves into the Age of Spirituality.
The gift of remembering is here.
Are you ready to receive?

Free Spirit- ARTIST: Tetka Rhu

My memory has sought rejection
in my life I have found it.
Soured by its taste
I let go.
No more the cream that has turned.
No more the doors that have slammed shut.

Now my actions seek the turning.
The light has switched on.
Other memories surface.
I am loved,
I am filled with the sweet reward of my yearnings.

No more a passive bystander
tossed around by other's whims.

Now a pillar of fire.
Striving no more
attainment now gained.
Questions long since posed,
now answered.

Drawing on my reflection
I find my centre.
Alarmed no more
at the chasm that stares up at me,
willing to leap
to find the journey of my truth.

The love that I am
the light that holds my seed.
Fertilised forever in a glasshouse
of pure intent.
Nurtured to life,
Nourished with care.

I honour the plan
the mastery of the ages
the blue print of time
as full grown I grow
into the embodiment of my truth.

Light and Love fill me
as no more I search.
I succumb and be.
Relieved, I sigh, as I flow
allowing the river to guide me
meandering through the valleys and low.

Feeling the need
I honour my instincts,
acting without thought
my zen beginning to know.

The time has come,
the doorways are open,
Full steam ahead
as I navigate
the locks, the streams, the rivers of time.

Author: Tetka Rhu - Goddess of Spirituality


Time is here for the release of the past.
Illusion of matter can no longer be.

God of Repair Archetype - ARTIST: Tetka Rhu

Cutting through pain
we find a core
solid, yet not solid

Painful,yet not painful
illusion of matter

Creation of thought
eating away the white ants
releasing the pressure within.

Time, it's taking time.

All is well.

The core has served us well
standing tall
for the structures we create

Moving on
Termination, end of a long journey.

The core crumbles, disintegration
Death, Renewal
Sunsets, sunrises

ALL is now well
ALL is well.

AUTHOR: Tetka Rhu - Goddess of Spirituality


The pathway opens to accomplishment of your purpose.
PEACE, Peace at last - PEACE

Kel Air - Samurai Warrior ARTIST: Tetka Rhu

On the morrow
there will be news
the crow cries all over the land.

Movement, moving
swiftly, swiftly
streams crossed
Rivers run
hills climbed

Journeys undertaken
journeys gone into the annals of time.

Reflections, reflected
on the mirror of time.

Sword unsheathed
Battles fought

Sword sheathed
Weary, wearisome.

Peace at last,

AUTHOR: Tetka Rhu - Goddess of Spirituality

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Light of Enlightenment - I DECLARE WORLD PEACE

Time Plan Renewal - ARTIST: Tetka Rhu

I walk into the darkness, I walk,
as I walk
I realise the potential of my dreams.

a light is turned on 
within the centre of my existence.

My heart opens in the caves
hidden for too long within.

I wonder at the beauty,
as bemused
I find all my answers within.

A tall being stands
gathering all to him,
welcoming the unlocking of the darkness
accepting the entrustment of befriending
a fellow traveller
in the realms of despair.

Messages beam from his heart,
I look within his eyes
to find
Beauty, Love, Hope and Fertility
in all that abounds
in the Garden of Paradise.

Unsure if this is for me,
he smiles and takes my hand.

"Friend, I take you now on a journey
of fulfilment,
the pathway of enlightenment
has been opened for you.

Access the roadway
to the realm of Hope.

Know the matter of your dreams
fertilises each step you take.

Welcome the light of a new day
as you explore the perimeters of your mind.

The book of Law
now stands open
for your perusal
as you glance at the pages of a new day.

Welcome new light
as it releases you
from the darkness of times gone by."

I walk, I walk, I walk
Now I walk in the Light.

Author: Tetka Rhu - Goddess of Spirituality


Flow: ARTIST: Tetka Rhu

Join the throng 
of those who circle the Creator.

Partake of the mysteries
hidden for so long
in the light of legend of myth, of lore.

Seek the secrets of the past
in the rocks 
that lay casually covering the ground.

Sweat no more over the logbooks
of the crowd
as your answers lay
in the movement, the flow.

The wind repels you from moving forward,
as first you glance back,
gathering the wastage along the way.

Treat yourself to a journey of reflection
as you glance into the mirror of time.

Find your answers in the eyes that you search,
questing for the grail of illumination.

Dance no more to the tune of remembrance,
the tune of self hatred.

Contemplate on the vagaries of time,
as you search the cosmos for your answers.

Remember the laws,
the laws of reality,
as you understand new beginnings.

The circle has grown larger,
as the crowd gathers
to view the parting of the ways
of a time no longer.

Rhythm - ARTIST: Tetka Rhu

The sound of clapping
rebounds through the halls of time,
as at last
you recreate new realities,
as you find pleasure in the secrets of life,
as you move within the hollows
of the trees,
and recognise the expansion within.

The wind sighs,
your heart has opened,
your eyes do see,
you are now ready to receive.

Author: Tetka Rhu - Goddess of Spirituality