Monday, July 11, 2011


The gifts we open to receive from within the Earth Soul are here for people
to claim and acknowledge: I DECLARE WORLD PEACE

God of Action Archetype - ARTIST: Tetka Rhu

We kneel in prayer
our lands torn apart
for centuries now past,
when suddenly

out of the night sky
came a scurry of wings.
A hawk flew by
screeching it's message
for all who had ears to hear.

It's over
fightings stopped.
Time has come
to begin again,
the journey of rebuilding
the structure of our lives

time to celebrate

We stand
united as "One"
together we meditate
focused in thought
we give thanks

our bodies move
generated by a power beyond

we open our arms
in honour of the force
that moves all creation

we take our breath
that is the bringer of new dawns
we cut through
the bondage of the past.

The earth is giving to us
as we draw from
her bowels the energy of discernment,
we push away
that, that no longer serves.

Live os a metaphor
time to live the journey

we grasp that elusive thread of our beings
that has escaped us
for aeons now past.

We create a field of Light
as we expand our consciousness
drawing from the earth
that, that we need.

Author: Tetka Rhu - Goddess of Spirituality

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