Saturday, July 9, 2011

Journey of the Soul ... I DECLARE WORLD PEACE

Celebrate the journey of your Soul
as you welcome coming home to your centre.

Cup of Fulfilment ARTIST: Tetka Rhu

My mind never still
I wander from feast to feast
not knowing, not caring
what is for me.

Gathering ALL,
feasting on the tables of Kings and Queens
all through the realms.
My belly filled
I am not satisfied.


A centaur rides by
taking me to a plane
hidden in the ethers
a plane of total knowingness
a plane of being.

Welcome states the knight,
the Centurion of Wisdom,
Welcome to ALL.

Look within the blue ball
sitting in the square of time,
find your memory.

You will understand
that, that had been wrenched from you
by the masters of illusion,
taken for themselves
IS the essence of beingness.

Remember the day long ago
wrenched from you.
In a state of perspiration you fought
like a wild cat
to retain what was rightfully yours.


Enjoy the fruits of your rewards
as you engage 
on a new pathway.
A journey of Remembrance

as you re-connect
to ALL that you are,
as you align your purpose
to ONE most high.

as you remember the brotherhood of the ethers
as you connect
to the brotherhood of the Earth.

Dear Wizard of Old
walk among the stars
walk within the earth
to re-connect to your centre.

Author: Tetka Rhu - Goddess of Spirituality

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