Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Nature shares ..... I DECLARE WORLD PEACE

Gazing on the beauty of the rich green leaves
my eyes were caught in the hold
of the berries that shone in the fading daylight's sun.

The beauty, the power, the magic of Red
held my attention as I gazed through the lens of repair.

Seeking the best vantage point I captured in time
what the birds alight to with instincts intact.

Give of your essence Berries I quietly thought,
as the sun began to fall behind the hills.

A vision formed in front of my eyes 
of berry trees committing to be a food source 
for the native bird who inhabited the area.

So, you have a job to do? was my questioning thought.

The wind suddenly caught the leaves
and the rustle of the bush gave me it's answer.

Smiling, I moved on,
knowing that there is order in what appears to be a chaotic Universe.

AUTHOR: Tetka Rhu - Goddess of Spirituality

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