Sunday, July 10, 2011


Simple breathing exercises with intention have the power the change your life.

Goddess of Birth: Artist - Tetka Rhu

With your hands placed out in front of you and your palms facing upwards, breathe in the thought of the energy that is held within your star-gate for a count of 11 and breathe out all limiting behavioural beliefs.
It is important to note you don't have to consciously know what is in your Star-Gate as the thought will activate the energy.

Stay in this space for as long as you require.
Thought is your reality and will suffice for this exercise as noted above.

This is a giant key of manifestation into your physical reality what you have created through your night time sleep.
Your body through the breath will move through any fear patterns that have been holding you back, thus allowing life to take a more positive, healthy outlook on the Earth.
Simultaneously, stripping away any delusions either of grandeur or from the opposite polarity of not being good enough.

Your life can then quickly evolve into the pattern to which you were born, whilst creating the essence of peace and happiness, which will grow daily stronger from within as you strip away the veils of illusion through the simple act of breathing in your star-gate energy.

Star-gate is the key that will help your body remember and clear a pathway from heaven into your physical reality, which in essence is the beginning of the activation of Zen "as above so below", the eternal principle of your alignment to your Higher Self.

This exercise is further enhanced by breathing in the colour yellow as it activates you with your higher intelligence, therefore ultimately connecting you to the Metaphysical Masters who are the keeper of the metaphysical mysteries.

This then will help you acknowledge your POWER as you recognise that understanding and knowledge will support life, whilst ignorance will always keep you locked in the dark.

Author: Tetka Rhu - Goddess of Spirituality

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