Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wave of Freedom... I DECLARE WORLD PEACE

Life is all about balance.
Be inspired as your soul has everything in hand.

Goddess of New Beginnings Artist: Tetka Rhu*

Tempt not ye the fates
that will yield ye free.
The past has been acquitted
driven from the memory bank
of the archives.

The white horses now find you astride
as you ride the wave of freedom.

Black and White
Yin and Yang
no longer apart.

The chariot is harnessed
the horses are a pair
your journey awaits thee.

Golden One of Light
Silver one of Love
Truth pulses through your frame
as you partake of new feasts,
The wonder of new lands
driven no more to succeed
you are successful.

Mind not the chatter
that filters to your ears,
as you are in a wave of frequency
where sound beats in your heart.

Blessed one of new growth
beam your light to a weary world
as the journeyings
of your ancestors await thee.

Charioteer of memory
the reins are in your hands
the wheels of motion
as order has been over-directed
from on high.

The galaxies align
as your memory bank is revitalised
as your yearnings
lift you above
the mainstream of regular flow.

Beat thy drum, oh Dear One, beat thy drum.

Author: Tetka Rhu - Goddess of Spirituality

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