Monday, August 15, 2011


Celebrate the manifestation of your dreams.
The gift of renewal is here as time has played her rolled in supporting you into this space in time

    PEACE Celebrations - ARTIST: Tetka Rhu

The time has come
to open to receive.

Strategies built
plans made
Maps marked
Time frames proposed.

Moving beyond limitation
opening, opening
the doorway is open.

The journey great
The picture grand
pulsing, pulsing the pulse beat heard
creating new life.

New energy
Vortexes set,

motion moving
ALL is set

The time has come

Welcome the new dawn, the rising sun
of the Son, of the Daughter
the ones who came
Who conquered,
Who overcame

The TIME has come

Author: Tetka Rhu - Goddess of Spirituality

ALL life is our Teacher - MONKEY MAGIC - I Declare World Peace

Life is an extraordinary teacher and when we look around we find our primordial instincts very much the predator of higher truth.

And yet, opposite and equally higher truth is found within our primordial nature, therefore it is up to each one of us to take the journey of understanding the nature of our beast to be at PEACE within ourself.

PEACE Spirits
ARTIST: Tetka Rhu

Exploding into my environment
came a fireball of bright sparks.
Alerted, I pay attention.

What is IT?
What has caused this commotion?

Chattering becomes incessant
as the Monkeys vie for inspection.

Aware, they stand,
silent, ready to move;
When out of the tree tops swing
an errant money
a male dominating
with an aura of sensuality
attempting to win the females of the tribe.

A scream breaks loose
as a gorilla storms out of his hiding place
vexed at this untimely interruption.

Guttural sounds are traded
activating a violent fight
stepping one way, then the other.
The males take position
sizing each other,
eyeballing, rolling around.

When, snap a hit is struck out,
chests imploding one to the other.

Walking away,
becoming the trickster
each dependant on the other's move.

A scream rents the air
Gorillas fall,
One stands tall,

Understanding the nature of the beast,
aware, alert, he will always be.
The tribe still intact
knowing there will be others who invade his territory.

Standing alone in the middle of the jungle
He draws to him.

The power of Leadership.
The knowing of structure.
The Understanding of nature

accepting all is as it should be.

Author: Tetka Rhu - Goddess of Spirituality

Monday, August 1, 2011



I am discussing Sexuality and Sensuality with MrRoger on
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