Monday, October 31, 2011

Lady Picasso's adventure with Goddess Cat - Magical Cat ART

Are you up for an adventure sings Goddess Cat... Hold on You are in for the ride of your life. Singing joyfully, Goddess Cat is happy as her song is now being heard.
Artitst: Tetka Rhu - Lady Pciasso
YOUR Artist of Creation*

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Sacred is the journey
Sacred is the Path
as the feathers flutter around you
letting go you are freed.

The magic of the moment
holds no limitations
only what you create.

Avoid the wearisome task 
of unravelling the wool,
the yarn of TIME.

It has taken centuries long past
to find your centre.

"NOW" is the time
when you are filled with the almighty "I AM" presence;
the feathered cape of grace
of enlightenment has been placed
on your shoulders.

God Archetype of Balance - Lady Picasso, Tetka Rhu - YOUR Artist of Creation 

Walk Tall Dear One
"NOW" is your time
the unfolding of all your dreams

Author: Lady Picasso, Tetka Rhu
YOUR Artist of Creation

Twitter: @tetka

Lady Picasso and Cats RHULE - Magical Cat ART

YES, cats do RHULE with love,power and magic... bring Cats RHULE into your life and allow the thoughts you have "put out there" to manifest back with ease, joy and comfort.
Artist: Lady Picasso, Tetka Rhu
YOUR Artist of Creation*

Lady Picasso speaks on Red Man Earth Magic Art

What can I say... Feel Red Man, feel the energy swirl in your essence and feel magic... relax and know the secrets of Red Man's magic as the power of Earth Law imbues you with the spirit of your Greatness.
Artist: Lady Picasso, Tetka Rhu
YOUR Artist of Creation*

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lady Picasso TV - Earth Power Art

Evolving journeys led to the creation and manifestation of Earth Power. Time saw a creation of events to overcome in order to step into the magick of Earth Power through the Natural Law of the Land.
Tetka Rhu - Artist*

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lady Picasso- Tetka's Artistic Rhythm and Dance

Lady Picasso's Artistic Rhythm and Dance
The journey less travelled inspires Truth in Action.
Open to receive your gifts of Light through Love.
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Monday, October 24, 2011

Lady Picasso - Tetka Rhu shares Goddess Art creating Reality

Part 2 Lady Picasso, Tetka Rhu invites you to explore the variables of why Goddess Art creates your dreams into the Earth.
Power of Truth in Action.
Lady Picasso - Tetka Rhu
YOUR Artist of Creation*

Lady Picasso - Tetka Rhu shares how Goddess Art birthed

Part 1: GoS Tetka answers the questions many people ask - How did the Goddess Art happen?
and what was the process you went through in bringing the Goddesses to life?
Listen and know your truth from within as you accept memories from your inner well of wisdom.
Tetka Rhu: Lady Picasso - YOUR Artist of Creation*

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lady Picasso - Tetka Rhu Cat Art

My vision and power of purpose is to inspire people intuitively in hanging my Contemporary Art in their homes and offices.

Tetka Rhu Artist and Author

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lady Picasso - Tetka Rhu Goddess Retrieval

The Goddess lays within everything. Open Your heart to welcome her in and unlock the naivety of your inner child.
Allow your wisdom to pour forth as you move through the welcome restrains of the song you sing.
Tetka Rhu: Lady Picasso - YOUR Artist of Creation*

Lady Picasso - Goddess TetkaArt

The journey of the Goddess lays within everyone. Seek no more what is without as it all lays within. Grow in grace and behold the wonder of each day as your heart is filled with the love of who you are.
Artist: Tetka Rhu - Lady Picasso - YOUR Artist of Creation

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Passion for Living

Tetka Rhu: Lady Picasso - YOUR Artist of Creation

Gone forever is the need to prove
the worth of ONE
so blessed with the gift of foresight
the gift of vision.

Released from the chains
bonded so tight,
reducing the swelling of the burdens
carried so lightly.

The tension erased
spring-boarded into the future
memories unlocked
as the passion for life is revealed
that you have long denied.

The tongue now tastes
the nectar of Light and Life
as the taste buds
removes the poisons from time long ago.

Tetka Rhu: Lady Picasso - YOUR Artist of Creation

Twitter: @tetpicasso

TV – Xpress Yourself

TV – Xpress Yourself

Giving back is the new wave of success.

Try it and know for yourself.

Abundance is for people who care and share.

Tetka Rhu: Lady Picasso – YOUR Artist of Creation

Friday, October 14, 2011


Silently I glide
wheels set in motion
vortexes retrieved from a time long ago

I take nothing
I give back
extending, going beyond.

Exertions leaving me spent
I continue.
Life demands a price
forward, ever forward

Momentum once again building
I strike with singleminded assertiveness
allowing NO-ONE to take from me
what is rightfully mine

a sound is heard
reverberating through the ages
recognising this is a time of renewal
as I turn

facing the fears that have beset me
moving, moving
rebuilding, rebuilding
exertion, pushing beyond now needed

for the strong in spirit
the vortex of motion spent

New life now created
Journeys made anew

written by:
Tetka Rhu: Lady Picasso - YOUR Artist of Creation*

Twitter: @tetka

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lady Picasso - Tetka Rhu: Switched ON

Do you recognise the messages Mother Nature is bringing you?
Are you switched on to live in PEACE, love and Harmony?
Do you value the inspired wisdom which floods your awareness?
Are you living with Purpose?
Switch ON with Lady Picasso: Tetka Rhu - YOUR Artist of Creation

PAPA - Lady Picasso - Tetka Rhu: YOUR Artist of Creation

Powerful Action Purposefully Activated
Mastery in Action
There comes a time in anyone's life when there is a catalyst, a turning point and for me it was when I powerfully sat down and actioned the completion of PAPA in the activation of my Purpose.
Does PAPA have the same influence of energy alignment for YOU?
You bet it does.
Why? ... Listen, Feel and Know
with love and Light
Tetka Rhu: Lady Picasso - YOUR Artist of Creation