Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Art of Being a Woman Part 8

The Healer: from Original Collectors tetkaART

The Healer is available to purchase here:



There is no end to the art of being a woman.

Life is all about the evolving structure of our being the absolute best
version of ourselves and if there is anything inherent in our natures
that is stopping that flow of creation,
then we each have to own responsibility in healing ourself.

This is the essence of what each individual soul is crying out more on blog

ARTIST: Lady Picasso, Tetka Rhu
YOUR Artist of Creation
"tetkaART 4 YOU"

Twitter: @girlpowerrhules
Twitter: @tetka
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tetkaART Shoe walk

What a fabulous walk back through time ...
My shoe walk tells it's own story..... Tetka xox

Stop .... look .... feel ....

the Power of SOUL
Walk YOUR Talk
YES, it's all about Shoes

ARTIST: Lady Picasso Tetka Rhu
YOUR Artist of Creation

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Sunday, July 26, 2015

APU Gallery featuring tetkaART

APU Art Gallery

A ..... accentuating
P ..... perfect
U ..... unity

Gallery, West Africa, features the eclectic style of Entrepreneur
Artist Tetka Rhu for their Investors, Art Patrons, Collectors, Corporate
Buyers and Interior Designers who value the unique opportunity of
'OWNing' a tetkaART.

We open worlds of opportunity for astute purchasers of tetkaART as the value Tetka brings to the table is:
YOUR requirements are her priority

ARTIST: Lady Picasso, Tetka Rhu
"tetkaART is more than ART"

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

doXXa Art Gallery


d ..... doing
o ..... otherworldly
X ..... Xtraordinary
X ..... Xcellent
a ..... art
doXXa ART Gallery featuring Original Collectors tetkaART

The double XX factor that eXcites people who eXperience the Power of owning a tetkaART is showing up for the world to know that the Power of Love moves mountains through artistic eXpression.

ARTIST: Lady Picasso Tetka Rhu
YOUR Artist of Creation
"tetkaART is more than ART"

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

#GirlPower Rhules Art Gallery

PS: Grab a cuppa and relax for the next 6mins
and let your imagination be the barometer of YOUR SucceSS.

Wonder at where your confidence springs from when you live with tetkaART.
Tetka xox

#GirlPower Rhules ART featuring Original Collectors tetkaART

ARTIST: Lady Picasso Tetka Rhu
YOUR Artist of Creation
"tetkaART is more than ART"


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Sunday, July 19, 2015

tetkaART Wealth Strands

Tetka Rhu brings you Art of the New Millennium.

We are in the Spiritual Age and it's time to unlock DNA Wealth Strands within mankind.

Tetka asks the hard questions which take you on a voyage of self discovery through tetkaART.

within worlds open to the plethora of joy as you appreciate the
liberation from forces which held you bound as a direct result of your
conditioned upbringing and encoded genetics.

The coded DNA Wealth Strands were inspired to life as I sought inspiration through Codes of Creation I was led to in meditation

Even in the viewing of the Wealth Strands energies will begin working for you to live your truth in ACTion

Lady Picasso, Tetka Rhu

YOUR Artist of Creation

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The ART of Being a Woman Pt 7

The shifting sands of time always reveal what has been hidden.
Delivery is a natural movement that sways life into the LIGHT form it was created to BE
Sustenance fills the belly with gifts of succor
as the path is here for the destination to be travelled..... read more on blog

ARTIST: Lady Picasso, Tetka Rhu
YOUR Artist of Creation
"tetkaART 4 YOU"

Twitter: @girlpowerrhules
Twitter: @tetka
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Monday, July 6, 2015

Hôtel Novela Star ..

Hôtel Novela Star .. spent a day here ... great little area to swim in ocean .... tides are so strong that swimming normally in the ocean doesn't happen ... Tetka xox

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Hotel Palm Beach 5 é

Hotel Palm Beach 5 étoiles ***** Lomé (Togo). Fabulous Hotel .... totally recommend ... Tetka xox

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