Saturday, January 30, 2016

Quantum Leap with EDGIC Modern Artist Tetka Rhu

Quantum Leap with #EDGIC Modern Artist
EDGIC Modern Artist Tetka Rhu presents tetkaART available through the eXclusive luXury Fine Art, Jewellery and Media Consultancy
Tetka takes you on a voyage into the SuperNatural with this original tetkaART EDGIC collection, where her JoYful innocence plays its role in diverting the curious into meandering avenues of imagination to be an ally in justifying their eXistence.
The charm of curiosity that led Tetka on a pathway of transformation that liberates the eXplorer of her art into a field where harvesting beauty is the reward for those who dare to embrace “tetkaART as a Way of Life”.
With the ease born of a master metaphysician, the dash of a line, flourish of the pen or the splash of colour that signifies audacity made up of inner knowing gives tetkaART the edge in harmonising your environment with divine love.
EDGIC Modern ARTist: Tetka Rhu
YOUR Artist of Creation
tetkaART = a WAY of Life
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