Monday, March 13, 2017

EDGIC - Tetka Rhu

Deceptively simple Naif creations of Artist Tetka Rhu are the doorway to a complexity of charismatic cosmic energy to engage Art Collectors in the unlocking of their hidden cellular memory patterns to live with the power of their purpose.

Power of Love is the generator of energy forces that come alive through her for each artwork to be imbued with magical streams of consciousness, therefore accessing vortexes for people to own their Power.

Tetka Rhu is known for her daring to explode myths held within the collective consciousness of mankind that have had a debilitating effect on the human psyche.
Her driving influence is the absolute knowing that it is only by acceptance of personal greatness can humanity move beyond separation from their divinity.

Her temerity in acknowledging God and Goddess Archetypes, Money Gods and Decadence tetkaART have seen collections that have formed the basis of powerful healing as empowerment energy links for individuals to know and experience their inner wealth.

EDGIC Artist Tetka Rhu began her artistic journey at age 43 after a lifelong unfilled desire to paint.
Circumstances evolved to pique her curiosity to attain freedom of expression through painting and drawing, which led to a conversation with God.
Instructions filled her awareness to BE the energy of any subject and then draw left-handed. From that day to this the process hasn’t changed the only difference is she now draws right handed as both hands produce the same result.

Reports from people who have experienced Tetka Rhu artistic journeys say that they have seen Beings she brings to life through near death experiences, dreamtime memories and even spirits of loved ones.
Added value Artist Tetka Rhu brings to people’s life also stems from validation of her Art Collectors gazing into her art, asking a question and solutions happen.

EDGIC Artist: Tetka Rhu

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